‘Videoman’ Soundtrack: Synth Album Featuring Waveshaper & Robert Parker + Various Artists (Track List)

Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Videoman (aka Videomannen), available digitally on January 26! The album features original music by The Rise of The Synths contributors Waveshaper and Robert Parker, with music by Johan Agebjörn feat. Ryan Paris & Sally Shapiro, Moto Boy, Seining Nygaard feat. Niki Yria, Main, Johan Agebjörn feat. Tom Hooker, and Robert Hooker feat. Femmepop.  See the track list and more below.

World of Film presents VIDEOMAN, premiering in Swedish cinemas in 2018.

A VHS collector with a drinking problem finds a valuable movie that could save him from eviction. When the movie gets stolen he starts a desperate hunt for a perpetrator. An alcoholic woman obsessed with the 80s is a victim of work place bullying and struggles to develop a relationship with her grown up daughter. These outsiders joined by nostalgia and broken dreams starts a romance and make each other self aware, a step in the right direction when trying to solve their respective problems.

Videoman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Various Artists

01. Prologue – Waveshaper
02. Videoman – Waveshaper
03. Office – Robert Parker
04. Simone’s Theme – Robert Parker
05. VHS Passion – Waveshaper
06. Faceless – Waveshaper
07. Ennio’s Theme – Waveshaper
08. Stolen Tape – Waveshaper
09. Love On Ice – Johan Agebjörn feat. Ryan Paris & Sally Shapiro
10. Drift Apart – Robert Parker
11. Love Frontier – Main
12. Blue Motorbike – Moto Boy
13. Push & Pull – Sveinung Nygaard feat. Niki Yrla
14. Burglary – Waveshaper
15. Franco’s Den – Waveshaper
16. Confrontation – Waveshaper
17. Have You Ever Been In Love? – Johan Agebjörn feat. Tom Hooker
18. Anyone There? – Waveshaper
19. A Sense Of Loss – Robert Parker
20. A Love Gone – Robert Parker
21. Hunted – Waveshaper
22. Demise (Instrumental) – Robert Parker
23. Demise – Robert Parker feat. Femmepop

Waveshaper is a Swedish electronic music artist inspired by the soundtrack scene of the 80s early 90s. His sound is cinematic and melodic with a modern mix that reminds of the French House sound.
He grew up spending a lot of time on Atari/Amiga and video games that clearly is represented in his tracks.

Waveshaper emerged back in 2013 but the last couple of years has blossomed into one of the most well known artists in the so called Synthwave scene. In 2016 he released the album “Station Nova” on NRW Records and contributed with 4 originaltracks to the PS4 / Xbox game “Furi” OST, alongside names like Danger and Carpenter Brut among others. In 2017 he released the EP Velocity. Scoring video game and movie soundtracks are something that he is putting more focus on.

Originally a classically trained pianist, Swedish electronic musician Robert Parker went from tracker music during the 90s to retro-esque the following decade. His love for analog synthesizers began when he bought a Korg Polysix in 2009, which was the starting point of the style of music he produces today. His studio is located in Stockholm, where he creates music that ranges between everything from chiptunes to disco. He uses a combination of hardware synthesizers and trusty VSTs, where the Roland Juno 60, The Minimoog and the SH-101 are his cornerstones.
He does regular live shows. So far he has played in Canada, Australia, France, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Russia and China.

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