Nova Seed Soundtrack: Hear Stephen Verrall’s Synth/Rock Score | Synthtopia

Canadian Stephen Verrall composed and performed the synth/rock score to the sci-fi fantasy. The tracks on the Lakeshore Records release range from ambient to ominous to driving rock. – Synthtopia


Have you had a chance to hear Stephen Verrall’s synth score on Nova Seed?  Synthtopia is the latest outlet to feature the Nova Seed Soundtrack — read the full story here.  Fans of Heavy Metal and MTV’s “Liquid Television” will appreciate the familiarity of Nick DiLiberto’s epic animation, featuring 60,000 hand-drawn images.  When you watch the film, you easily forget the fluidity of the movements were not created digitally!  Nova Seed is featured on Lakeshore’s Indie Animation Spotlight this month — be sure to check it out!

Soundtrack Available Now: [iTunes][Spotify]

Nick DiLiberto’s NOVA SEED film is available now on digital VOD via VHX.TV and iTunes Movies.


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