‘Don’t Think Twice’: Roger Neill’s Score To Acclaimed Film Will Be Released November 11


“One of the best films of the year. GENUINELY SHARP, FUNNY, and BRACINGLY HONEST.” – Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune


Lakeshore Records will release the soundtrack to Don’t Think Twice, available on iTunes/Apple Music exclusively on November 11, and through other digital providers on November 18.  The album features score by Roger Neill, a contemporary film and television composer, best known for his score to the Academy Award-winning film Beginners and his music for the long-running Fox animated series “King of the Hill.”  See track listings and more below.

The Film Arcade presents DON’T THINK TWICE, coming soon to Blu-ray/DVD and Digital!

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Don’t Think Twice (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Roger Neill
01. The Rules Of Improv – Roger Neill
02. Day Jobs – Roger Neill
03. Weekend Live TV Theme – Roger Neill
04. Visiting Bill’s Dad – Roger Neill
05. Preparing For The Audition – Roger Neill
06. The Audition – Roger Neill
07. Post Audition – Roger Neill
08. Young Presidents – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
09. Writing Teams Are Two People – Roger Neill
10. 40 Watt – ELEL
11. Weekend Live Wrapup Song – Roger Neill
12. Imaginary Friends – Roger Neill
13. We’ve Been Replaced – Roger Neill
14. Sink / Let It Sway – Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
15. Solo Improv – Roger Neill
16. You’re In America – Roger Neill
17. The Commune – Roger Neill
18. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right – Roger Neill


For eleven years, an improv group called The Commune has reigned as the big fish in the small pond of their New York improv theater. Commune members Miles, Samantha, Jack, Allison, Bill and Lindsay invent comedy without a script and without a net. They’re ingenious, they’re fast, and they build on each others’ ideas like best friends – which they also are. Night after night they kill onstage and wait for their big break. Day after day they work menial jobs to support themselves.

Then they get news that their theater is shutting down, and scouts from a hit TV show come to a performance looking for talent. Only two cast members get the nod, upsetting the dynamic of the group and leaving its future in doubt. Relationships begin to crack as six best friends face the truth that not all of them will make it, and for some, it may be time to give up on the dream and move on.

Funny, insightful and honest, DON’T THINK TWICE looks at a common experience that’s an uncommon subject for a film: failure. As he did in his acclaimed debut about a stand-up comedian, SLEEPWALK WITH ME, writer/director/actor Mike Birbiglia captures universal human experiences that happen in the lives of professional funny people. From the creator of THIS AMERICAN LIFE and with a top-flight ensemble of comic actors including Keegan-Michael Key, Gillian Jacobs, Kate Micucci, Chris Gethard, Tami Sagher and Birbiglia, DON’T THINK TWICE tells a nuanced story of friendship, aspiration and the pain and promise of change.



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