A Christmas Horror Story: ‘The Music Is Brilliant’ (Soundtrack Geek) – Own The Soundtrack And Film

Well, I’m all for some fun horror music for the holidays. the “score” opens with singing! What? ‘Opening Theme / It’s Christmas Eve’ has a autotune boy/girl singing a classic Christmas tune and then at around 1:35 the score really begins and this is awesome! The choir is powerful, evil and Christmassy at the same time. The music is brilliant as well, proper epic stuff here. – Soundtrack Geek


Lakeshore Records is pleased to release A Christmas Horror Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) — out now!  The album features the film’s original score by Alex Khaskin (Cold Comes The Night, Replicant).  Read our previous post about A Christmas Horror Story for more film details.

Copperheart Entertainment presents A CHRISTMAS HORROR STORY, available now in theaters, On Demand (rent it on iTunes) and on Blu-ray/DVD.


The horror genre seems to have never really been able to grasp the season of Saint Nicholas and create too many memorable films over the years.

There has been the odd exception with Black Christmas (potentially the first ever slasher) and Silent Night, Deadly Night proving that Christmas can be the perfect time for some scares.
Luckily the aptly titled ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ can sit amongst these films as a fine example suspense, fun and some gore thrown in for good measure. – Love Horror

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