Grandma: Joel P West’s Score Is In ‘One Of The Year’s Best Films’

Grandma showcases how the score is meant to come from within the characters. The music is never scoring situations or just emotions. It’s really scoring the characters within these situations, giving us a true window into their emotional states as the story is being told. That’s what made his score to Short Term 12 stand out, and that’s what makes it stand out here.


Joel P West’s score for Grandma is out now digitally via Lakeshore Records.  The album also features tracks by The Tree Ring and the track, “The Banks” by The Flood Coats.  Starring Lily Tomlin, Julia Garner, Judy Greer and Sam Elliott, Grandma opens in theaters on Friday, August 21 (find a theater).  Read further for Grandma critics reviews and more.

Grandma (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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“Grandma” is both smart and sweet, mature and bawdy, knowing its characters’ flaws yet open to the possibilities of people acting upon their best instincts. It is without a doubt one of the year’s best films…” The Wrap

The kind of score that Joel P West wrote makes me reflect and think about the good things in life. It has that road trip feeling with the guitar centered pieces and somehow I know things are going to be alright when I listen to this score. I think there will be a happy end. The music sort of guides me towards this conclusion with its hopeful riffs (especially the pieces written by “The tree ring”) and playful inserts. –Soundtrack Dreams

The music sounds like it could have been part of a great and catchy indie pop album. It has that nice warm feeling about it and I love it. At this point I have to make a choice. I mean the score is by Joel P West, but do I include the two instrumental tracks by The Tree Ring? I think I might, because they are instrumental and they do fit the whole positive vibe that West got going with the opening cues. –Soundtrack Geek

In a refreshing turn of events, the best-actress race is shaping up to be more competitive and fascinating than its male counterpart. One living legend who may find herself in the mix for the first time in almost 40 years is Lily Tomlin. Her work in Paul Weitz’s Grandma scored raves out of Sundance, and the dramedy – which also stars Julia Garner, Judy Greer, Sam Elliott, and Laverne Cox – looks like Sony Pictures Classics’ best shot for a lead-actress bid.  Grandma may land attention in other categories – supporting actress for Garner, original screenplay for Weitz. We can add original song to the list of possible nominations. –Awards and Such


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