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Saw Week: Saw Trivia + Charlie Clouser’s Saw Anthology, Volume 1 & Volume 2 Soundtrack

Hello, everyone.  It’s time to play a game.  To celebrate the coming of Saw X in theaters Friday, September 29, we’re revisiting the previous films and soundtracks from this hugely successful film franchise this week as part of #SawTenber!  Test your Saw trivia.  Should we give out a prize?  Add to your digital soundtrack collection.  Let’s go!  Be sure to subscribe to follow along this week for all things Saw.

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Charlie Clouser’s ‘Saw’ Theme Makes 10 Best Horror Film & TV Themes List | Mandatory

Previously, we covered the fact that two Lakeshore Records television themes made Mandatory’s Best Of list, and now, here’s our dedicated coverage of Charlie Clouser’s Saw theme, “Hello Zepp,” which makes Mandatory’s 10 Best Horror Film and TV Themes list at No. 3 — holy smokes!  There’s a bit to unpack here, which warrants this dedicated post:

Lakeshore release Saw Anthology album (Volume 1 & Volume 2) is comprised of highlights from all eight films of the Saw franchise!  The album is released on digital, vinyl and CD formats.  

Saw Anthology, Volume 1 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Download and Listen Here: [Volume 1]


Saw Anthology, Volume 2 – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Download and Listen Here:  [Volume 2]


Jigsaw – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – [Download/Listen]

Charlie Clouser’s score to the eighth Saw film includes an incarnation of the “Hello Zepp” theme in the form of “Zepp Eight.” Have you been a follower of the Saw film franchise?  Are you a Charlie Clouser Saw score aficionado?  Chime in below!




Show Your Devotion: Own ‘Jigsaw’ Now on Blu-ray/DVD + 4K!

Jigsaw, the eight film in the Saw film franchise is now available on Blu-ray, DVD & 4K Ultra HD!  If ever there was a time to complete your Saw film collection, the time would be now.  With the announcement of the Saw Anthology vinyl release coming out next month, your bragging rights on owning the ultimate Saw collection are within your grasp!

Part of what made this franchise so special was Charlie Clouser’s haunting, chilling and gripping music, a feast of atmospheric texture that I still listen to quite often; I am not even only talking about the iconic “Hello Zepp” main theme that keeps being reworked with every new instalment [sic] but about the entire soundscape. – Soundtrack Dreams

Soundtrack Available Now: Download // Stream 

Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures present JIGSAW, available now on Digital (get it on iTunes),  Blu-ray/DVD and 4K Ultra HD (order here).

EXCLUSIVE! ‘Saw’ Anthology Two Volume Vinyl Release Artwork & Details Revealed, Available March 2018! | Bloody Disgusting

Charlie Clouser’s score to all eight films of the Saw film franchise (which includes the recently released Jigsaw film) will be released on glorious “Saw Blade Silver Vinyl Discs” in two volumes on March 16 via Lakeshore Records!  “I re-booted, re-mixed, and re-combined my favorite cues in an attempt to feature a balanced selection of the best musical moments from all eight films,” says Charlie.  The double vinyl sets will be available exclusively at FYE in the U.S. and through HMV in the UK on March 16.  See more details now at Bloody Disgusting.

Listen to the Jigsaw (film #8) soundtrack preview below.