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New Soundtracks: Fangoria Presents: Hollydoom, Legion Cover Songs Album & Beale Street Vinyl + More!

Lakeshore Records celebrates the return of iconic horror publication, Fangoria Magazine with the epic new dark and sublime music compilation, Fangoria Presents: Hollydoom – Original Magazine Soundtrack!

Also out this week is the highly-anticipated vinyl release of It’s Always Blue: Songs From Legion – all the mind-blowing cover songs you love by series Showrunner Noah Hawley and Composer Jeff Russo, and more headed your way. You just have to scroll down to get all the details!

Digital New Releases:

Music by Power Glove, Gunship, Carpenter Brut, Binary Reptile, John Carpenter, Wojciech Golczewski, Pentagram Home Video, Umberto, Ogre and Mega Drive.

From first listen I can tell you that none of the artists have pulled their brass-knuckled punches on this release. Each track feels inspired by the dark Old Ones themselves, conjuring exquisite images of dread and debauchery fit for only the likes an iconic publication such as FANGORIA! – New Retro Wave

Hollydoom is the epitome of modern horror-tinged synthwave, a ten track compilation which brings together the iconic Fangoria, the always based and experienced film music label, Lakeshore Records, and a series of veteran and upcoming musicians who have challenged and mastered the genre. – Destroy//Exist

In partnership with Fangoria Presents, Lakeshore heralds the return of the iconic horror publication with this synth album compilation, Fangoria Presents: Hollydoom – Original Magazine Soundtrack! The album features new music by The Horror Master himself, John Carpenter, and top synthwave / darksynth artists Power Glove, GUNSHIP, Carpenter Brut, Wojciech Golczewski, Pentagram Home Video, Umberto, OGRE, Mega Drive, and Binary Reptile!

Digital Pre-order:

THE WOODS – [pre-order]
Music by Dreddd.

It’s only the second week of January 2019, but we’re already hitting you with (you guessed it) MOAR synthwave! Join the Dreddd patrol (that’s with three d’s) when his new synth-centric album drops next week! If you want to get a sample of what’s to come, there’s a handy single, “Club Killer” on preview now at Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more details in the next few days.

Vinyl New Release:

Music by Noah Hawley & Jeff Russo, Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller, Navid Negahban.

Some of the most memorable moments in the provocative second season of FX’s Legion are tied to its original soundtrack… Accompanying the visual design of Season 2 — which often leveraged a surreal and nightmarish aesthetic that seemed to escalate the unpredictable potential hinted at in the first — was a unique approach to its inclusion of cover songs – Leo Faierman, Screen Rant

The soundtrack includes a grim, highly evocative take on the 1985 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers classic “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” which calls to mind Fragile-era Nine Inch Nails. You can listen to Hawley & Russo’s industrial spin on this classic rock staple – Austin Trunick, Under The Radar

Out today in stores and online is the highly-anticipated vinyl release of It’s Always Blue: Songs From Legion, the cover songs album from the FX Networks hit series! Previously, we anticipated the album arriving a week later, but sometimes, one of the David Haller universes swings your way.

The soundtrack teams up Series Showrunner Noah Hawley and Series Composer Jeff Russo who perform reimagined cover songs of classic hits such as “Behind Blue Eyes”, “Don’t Come Around Here No More”, and “Cornflake Girl” and more. Series stars Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller and Navid Negahban lend vocals to key songs in the album!

Vinyl Pre-order:

IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK – [Pre-order on Webshop (North America)][Pre-order at Invada (UK/Rest of World)]
Score by Nicholas Britell.


“Composer Nicholas Britell’s insinuating, supple music (a film highlight of 2018) seems to be setting the scene for a momentous occasion.”  – Chicago Tribune

“ The scenes come alive even more thanks to Nicholas Britell’s gorgeous score, laden with sweeping strings and brass melodies.”  – USA Today

“Nicholas Britell composed the score, which is hauntingly and fittingly exquisite.”  – Wall Street Journal

“Jenkins has made an absolutely gorgeous movie, from his vibrant color palette of saturated primary hues and pastels to Nicholas Britell’s mournful, poetic score.”  – Washington Post

“Britell uses exquisite cellos, and melancholy, moody trumpets to create a beautiful hybrid haze of classical music and jazz”  – The Playlist

“Score insanely beautiful”  – Madonna

One of Barack Obama’s Top 10 Movies of the Year

If Beale Street Could Talk – Original Motion Picture Score is of the most critically awarded film scores of 2018 by Academy Award®, BAFTA and Golden Globe® nominated Composer Nicholas Britell! Shortlisted for an Academy Award® Nomination for Best Score, you won’t want to miss out on securing your copy of the transcendent film score!

The record will see two editions: vintage inspired packages were designed by Midnight Marauder and Illustrator Tony Stella in collaboration with Director Barry Jenkins and Composer Nicholas Britell. The “blue” edition for North America will be released by Lakeshore Records and the “green” edition for UK and Rest of World by our friends and partners at Invada Records! See the vinyl premiere announcement here.

More Details:
* Featuring Features 5 bonus score tracks, plus a special unreleased film version of Miles Davis’ “Blue In Green”.
 * Includes 5 bonus soundtrack tracks from:  Nina Simone, Miles Davis, John Coltrane Quartet, Billy Preston and  Birdlegs & Pauline.

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Thank you SlashFilm for premiering the vinyl release of ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ by Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe Nominated Composer Nicholas Britell! – – This very special deluxe edition vinyl soundtrack includes Nic’s score plus hand picked songs from the film by John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Billy Preston and an exclusive film version of Miles Davis’ classic “Blue In Green”. – – The two vintage period inspired packages were created in collaboration with Barry Jenkins and Nicholas Britell by designer Midnight Marauder and illustrator Tony Stella. – – Lakeshore Records will release the “blue” edition in North America, Invada Records will release the “green” edition in the UK/ROW. – – #ifbealestreetcouldtalk #jamesbaldwin #barryjenkins #nicholasbritell #soundtrack #soundtracks #filmscore #filmcomposer #bestpicture #academyawards #bestscore #bafta #annapurnapictures #moonlightmovie #moonlightfilm #lakeshorerecords #invadarecords #vinyl #ninasimone #johncoltrane #billypreston #jazz #soundtracksonvinyl #milesdavis #vinylsoundtracks #classicvinyl

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‘Legion Season 2’ Soundtrack: An In-Depth Review Of The Jeff Russo Score | Set The Tape

This is dark, futuristic, urban and industrial and utterly absorbing. – Set The Tape

Set The Tape reviews the Legion Season 2 soundtrack featuring score by Jeff Russo!  Whether you have yet to catch up on the current season or still need to dive head-long into the mesmerizing score, this review will make you want to put on the music that is every bit a part of the world belonging to super mutant David Haller (Dan Stevens).  And with the announcement of a Season 3 confirmed from FX, we know there will be more of Jeff Russo’s music to appreciate.  

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Tune in Tuesdays nights at 10 PM on FX (check local listings).




Legion: FX Adds An Extra Episode To Season 2 Of The Peabody Award Nominated Series!

Legion fans will be delighted to know there will be even more to love: Noah Hawley’s mind-bending series on FX has added an extra episode to Season 2!  What a way to take us into summer!  Check out more details at Screen Rant.  Recently, Lakeshore Records announced the forthcoming release of the Season 2 soundtrack, so be sure you’re subscribed to the blog here to stay updated.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Vol 1 Download/Listen][Vol 2 Download/Listen]

Wait, what? You haven’t gotten into Season 2 yet?  Go behind the scenes (below) featuring a discussion on the music of Jeff Russo!

Tune in to LEGION: Chapter 13 (Episode 5) at 10 PM tonight on FX (check local listings).



Legion FX Season 2 Soundtrack Coming Soon!

Have you been tuning in Tuesday nights to Legion FX Season 2?  If you’ve been watching the trippy scifi series since Season 1, then you know the score by Jeff Russo is as much a part of the show as anything else.  Lakeshore Records is excited to announce the forthcoming release of the Season 2 soundtrack, featuring the music you love from this incredible second season!  More details are on its way, so be sure you’re subscribed to this blog!

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below featuring cast members and Jeff himself referencing the score and the impact of the music in this series.

The Legion Season 1, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 soundtracks are out now digitally worldwide!

Listen to the Season 1 soundtrack: