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Throwback Thursday: An Interview With Robert Williamson On His Score For Clive Barker’s ‘Midnight Meat Train’ Starring Bradley Cooper!


Lakeshore Records sat down with composer Robb Williamson on his score for Midnight Meat Train (credited as Robert Williamson & Johannes Kobilke).  He spoke about his transition into the film music world and being inspired by the murderous character, “Mahogany,” on this horror score journey.  You may remember his score for the acclaimed film, Gamer (co-composed with Geoff Zanelli), and if you haven’t seen both movies — Midnight Meat Train (rent it on iTunes) stars Bradley Cooper (Burnt, American Sniper) and Vinnie Jones (TV’s “Arrow”, Snatch), and is based on a short story by master of horror Clive Barker — we predict good times ahead for fans of dark films!

Download Midnight Meat Train (Original Motion Picture Score) here.

Watch the interview:

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‘Buffalo ’66’ & ‘Gamer’ Claim Spots In The Dissolve’s Movies’ 50 Greatest Pop Music Moments List!

Lakeshore Records has produced soundtracks for some of the most iconic films of the past decade.  Here are a couple of movie moments featuring music from our albums  in The Dissolve‘s Movies’ 50 Greatest Pop Music Moments list.  What are your favorite movie moments featuring music?

#44 Gamer
“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” by Sammy Davis Jr.
Gamer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Download The Album: iTunes | Buy CD

Set to the utterly appropriate sounds of Sammy Davis Jr.’s rendition of the Cole Porter standard “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” Castle and his minions boogie and bop like refuges from the creepiest Busby Berkeley film ever made, then break formation to test Kable in hand-to-hand combat. Hall dances like a puppet on strings, playing up the themes of control inherent not only in gaming, but also in fight and dance choreography.

Read more at The Dissolve: Movies’ 50 Greatest Pop Music Moments

Watch The Movie Scene in Gamer!


#18 Buffalo ’66
“Heart Of The Sunrise” by Yes
Buffalo ’66 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Download The Album: iTunes (UK Only) | Buy CD

To the minor extent that Vincent Gallo’s directorial debut has a plot, it involves his character, Billy, seeking revenge on the Buffalo Bills placekicker whose missed field-goal attempt ostensibly ruined Billy’s life. Near the end of the film, Billy finally shows up at the strip club owned by the retired player, gun in hand. Rather than accompany this surreally staged, grotesquely violent scene with music that might actually be heard in a strip club, or even music that would conventionally heighten the intensity of a shootout, Gallo chooses—yes!—Yes. Not only does the track’s sinuous groove provide plenty of offbeat tension as Billy walks in, it thrillingly shifts into high gear at the precise moment that he spots his victim. Prog kill! —Mike D’Angelo

Read more at The Dissolve: Movies’ 50 Greatest Pop Music Moments

Watch The Movie Scene (NSFW) in Buffalo ’66!


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Lakeshore Records Pick Of The Week: ‘Gamer’ Soundtrack – Movie Stars Gerard Butler

This week, we select Gamer, a Lakeshore Records movie soundtrack with music by Robert Williamson and Geoff Zanelli.  Williamson and Zanelli constructs a futuristic gladiator-meets ultimate gamer music album.  It’s hard not to get into the action when epic guitar riffs, deep drones and disturbing metallic samples serve as the audio play-by-play in this story about beating the odds in a Dystopian society.

Lakeshore Records: Gamer Soundtrack Starring Gerard Butler

Kable, a prisoner in the future (played by Gerard Butler) must fight for survival while a murderous computer programmer (played by Michael C. Hall), plots to game his real-life shoot ’em up game by having Kable killed off.  Gamer (watch on Amazon): badass music paired with fierce action is a win-win.

Download the Album! Gamer: Download | Buy CD

Watch the interview with Composer Robert Williamson:

Enjoyed this interview?  Go to the Lakeshore Records Composer Interviews page for more.

What do you think of the soundtrack?  Share your thoughts below!






Weekly Roundup: 7 Stories You May Have Missed, Including Foo Fighters Members Perform With ‘Walk Of Shame’ Soundtrack Artists at Stagecoach Festival

It’s Monday again, but don’t fret.  We know life gets hectic, which is why we’ve rounded up a week’s worth of Lakeshore Records highlights right here, in case you missed some.  First off, members of Calico performed at the annual Stagecoach Festival in Indio, California last Saturday.  Sitting in were two members of the Foo Fighters, Rami Jaffee and Chris Shiflett, as well as Lakeshore’s Director of A&R, Eric Craig, who dusted off his guitar for the afternoon.  Calico members Manda Mosher and Kirsten Proffit have a track out on the Walk of Shame Soundtrack entitled, “Walk On.”  Don’t forget to check it out!

Lakeshore Records: Calico members Kirsten Proffit, Manda Mosher, with Eric Craig and Foo Fighters' Rami Jaffee & Chris Shiflett

Image via Calico.  L to R: Lakeshore Record’s Eric Craig, Foo Fighter’s Chris Shiflett, Calico’s Manda Mosher, Tripp Beam, Calico’s Kirsten Proffit, Foo Fighter’s Rami Jaffee, JC August, Calico’s Aubrey Richmond, and Ted Russell Kamp.

Here’s what else you may have missed last week:

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4 Movies To Watch Online For Race Car Fans

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4 Movies To Watch Online For Race Car Fans

Whether you’re an avid NASCAR fan or the casual race car enthusiast, we think these four adrenaline-fueled movies are worth adding to your online viewing queue: Drive (watch on Crackle), Faster (watch on Amazon Instant Video), Gamer (watch on HitBliss) and Hit & Run (watch on Netflix).  Go ahead: flood your airwaves with these Lakeshore Records soundtracks.  Access the music downloads below!

Lakeshore Records: 4 Movies To Watch Online For Race Car Fans

Download The Albums!

Drive (Score by Cliff Martinez): Download | Buy CD

Faster (Score by Clint Mansell)Download | Buy CD

Gamer (Score by Robert Williamson & Geoff Zanelli) Download | Buy CD

Hit & Run (Various Artists)Download | Buy CD


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