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Hank And Mike: Your Easter Weekend Movie Pick

You’ll Never Look At Grown Men In Bunny Suits The Same Way Again

If you’re looking for a fun (and irreverent) comedy to watch this Easter weekend, then look no further than Hank And Mike (rent it on iTunes), starring Boyd Banks (“The Love Guru“; “How She Move“), Tony Nappo (“Defendor“; “Jumper“), Thomas Michael, Paolo Mancini, Joe Mantegna, Chris Klein (Street Fighter–The Legend of Chun-Li, American Dreamz) and Maggie Castle.  Preview the soundtrack for more good times.



Download The Album!

Hank (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes

Watch movie trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsW4RhymEwo


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Naughty Bunnies: Celebrate Easter With ‘Hank And Mike’

Why have the same old Easter gathering when you can throw in a bit of hijinks?  For some good laughs, watch Hank and Mike (watch it on iTunes), starring Thomas Michael, Paolo Mancini, Joe Mantegna, Chris Klein (“Street Fighter – The Legend of Chun-Li“; “American Dreamz“) and Maggie Castle.  This irreverent comedy promises to add the right amount of sweet and naughty to your day.  Be warned: do not watch this while you’re eating or in the presence of sensitive ears (read: some naughty language).  While the movie makes you laugh, the soundtrack makes for a fun listen between spiral ham and food coma.

Lakeshore Records: Hank and Mike (soundtrack)

Hank and Mike also stars Boyd Banks (“The Love Guru“; “How She Move“) and Tony Nappo (“Defendor“; “Jumper“).  You’ll never look at men in bunny suits the same way ever again.

Download The Album!
Hank and Mike (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):

Have you seen the movie?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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