‘The Guest 2’ Soundtrack Lands on Empire’s ‘Film Moments That Matter’ List!

In the June 2022 print edition of Empire Magazine, The Guest 2 Soundtrack album comes in at Number 9 in their “Take 20 – This Month’s Film Moments That Matter” list!  That April Fool’s “joke” turned out to be a soundtrack that’s no joke!  Remember, this is the soundtrack to a film that does not exist–yet!  The producer/writer and director of The Guest, Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard, respectively, have gone on record to state they have indeed been working on an actual sequel.  “We’re talking about developed [sic] a potential sequel as a real project,” said Wingard in the May 2022 Empire interview.

This is true, I’ll admit the response to the soundtrack surprised me. I think we’ve finally landed on an idea that excites us and wouldn’t disappoint everyone, but it won’t be soon. Lots to work on first. https://t.co/5dTXtx6F7d

— Simon Barrett (@Simon_Barrett) May 11, 2022


With the universally positive response to the soundtrack release, it looks like we are that much closer to seeing the sequel come to reality.  

Are you looking forward to The Guest 2 movie?  Leave your thoughts in comments if you have yet to cast your vote for the sequel!

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Stream]




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