EXCLUSIVE! Preview VHxRR’s ‘Calm Down Lover’ From Their Forthcoming ‘The Persistence of Memory’ Album!

The Persistence of Memory - VH x RR | Lakeshore Records

As previously announced on Soundtracks, Scores and More, Lakeshore Records will release VH x RR’s forthcoming EP, The Persistence of Memory, out June 12, 2020 on all major digital music services.  With just a month away from the release, Soundtracks, Scores and More is delighted to premiere a teaser of the first track, “Calm Down Lover”, a song featuring vocals by Rob Rowe (the RR in the VH x RR).  If you’re excited about the clip, expect to hear more in the weeks to come.  

Pre-save the album: [Spotify]

See our previous announcement to learn more about the duo.  What do you think so far?  Share your thoughts below.

The Persistence of Memory 

VH x RR  

  1. Calm Down Lover
  2. A Little Bit Sweeter
  3. The Long Goodbye
  4. The Sun, The Stars, The Shine
  5. Calm Down Lover (In a Dramatic Gesture Remix)
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4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE! Preview VHxRR’s ‘Calm Down Lover’ From Their Forthcoming ‘The Persistence of Memory’ Album!”

  1. Wow! I really enjoyed their earlier collaboration She Sees a Future. After listening to this clip I’m super excited. During this horrible health crisis it’s nice to have something I can look forward to. June can’t come soon enough thanks for the teaser clip.

    1. Thanks, Bill. We’re excited, too!

  2. I had the snippet stuck in my head all weekend, and can’t wait to hear the full track! Looking forward to the full EP, and agree it’s great to have something to look forward to these days.

    1. Glad to hear! More to come.

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