What Men Want, Nightflyers Featured In February Soundtrack Picks! | Film Music Magazine

In the latest edition of Film Music Magazine, film music critic Daniel Schweiger shares his February soundtrack picks, featuring What Men Want (score by Brian Tyler, and Nightflyers (score by Will Bates)! As usual, Daniel provides an insightful backgrounder on each composer to provide further context on their latest releases. Keep reading to see the reviews and listen to the albums.

WHAT MEN WANT – [Download/Listen]

Here Tyler impressively handles all of the instruments himself to swing with rambunctious, R&B energy for drums, organ, bass and vibes that has its heroine play her newly gained macho info like a harmonica. – Daniel Schweiger, Film Music Magazine

Paramount Pictures presents WHAT MEN WANT, now playing in select theaters (get tickets).

NIGHTFLYERS – [Download/Listen]
Score by Will Bates.

With percolating synths at once 80’s retro and state of the art, Bates’ mesmerizingly weird musical voyage once again pushes the boundaries of TV scoring for a show that will continue in the music’s imagination.

Catch up on George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers Season 1 now at Syfy.com (login required) and on iTunes (get Season Pass).

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