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It’s a forceful piece and you can just envision the battle ensuing. – Chad Childers, Loudwire


Listen to “Ambush” by Grammy®-winning and multi-platinum recording artist and composer Serj Tankian, from the forthcoming Furious (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) exclusively at Loudwire!  Also learn more about his work on Furious, his recent release Intent To Destroy, and when he caught the scoring bug.  The Furious soundtrack is out Friday, December 8 on Lakeshore Records!  See track list below.

Says Tankian: “I’m a huge fan of historical action films, so I welcomed the opportunity to create my first epic score for “Furious.” We used a full orchestra with epic percussion, a huge choir, ethnic instruments and a wall of electric guitars. It’s truly a kick-ass score.” 

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Furious (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Serj Tankian

01. Intro
02. Ambush
03. Horde Patrol
04. The Prince
05. The Family
06. Nastya
07. The Horde Is Here
08. Into The Wilderness
09. Mongolian Camp
10. Warn Our People
11. To Arms!
12. Fedor’s Last Stand
13. You Should Prey
14. Ryazan Is Gone
15. Nastya’s Whistle
16. The Horde Returns
17. Herb Potion
18. Holy Mother
19. There’s No Blood
20. Woodland Spirits
21. Confusion
22. Uragsha
23. Bear Attack
24. The Children
25. Are They Really Ours?
26. Prepare For Battle
27. Battle Cry
28. Hold The Line
29. Come Kill Us
30. Sail
31. Death of Kolovrat
32. Shoulder to Shoulder
33. Kolovrat Theme
34. A Fine Morning To Die

Serj Tankian is a Grammy winning and multi-platinum recording artist, singer, songwriter, poet, visual artist, activist and composer


Serj Tankian is a Grammy® winning and multi-platinum recording artist, singer, songwriter, poet, visual artist, activist and composer.  An Armenian born in Lebanon and re-rooted in Los Angeles, Serj was introduced to the melding of cultures, ideas and ideals from a very young age.
Tankian got his first opportunity to compose for film in 2006, when he was tapped by famed director William Friedkin to come up with a theme for his psychological thriller Bug.  In the 8 years to follow, Serj was able to squeeze in a few shorter length compositions for film and TV projects in the midst of extensive touring cycles and solo album releases. With a need to be more creative with his musical talents, Tankian made a conscious decision in late 2014 to focus more on scoring for film, TV and video games. In 2015, he was brought on by independent film makers Garin Hovannisian and Alec Mouhibian to score 1915, starring Angela Sarafyan and Simon Abkarian. 1915 marked Serj’s first full film score, and he was intent on doing more. Over the past few years, additional credits include composing the film score for The Last Inhabitant, an original composition for Ilya Naishuller’s Hardcore Henry and video game musical scores for Midnight Star and its sequel Renegade, which were created by one of the chief creators of the famed Halo game franchise.  He also recorded a modern version of Armenian folk song “Sari Siroun Yar” along with the Authentic Light Orchestra for recently released film The Promise, directed by Terry George, starring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac. Tankian was also brought on by Survival Pictures, the producers of The Promise, to serve as an Executive Music Consultant on the film.
Early in his musical career, Serj found an outlet as the rabble–rousing lead singer and songwriter of the largely successful rock band System of a Down, a band that has reached into the hearts and minds of millions of people relaying multiple messages of love, awareness and activism. System of a Down has 5 studio album releases, three of which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, and has also been nominated for four Grammy Awards and snagged one in 2006 for ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ for their song “B.Y.O.B.” 
Tankian has released 6 albums of his own solo material, beginning with 2007’s chart-topping hard rock album Elect The Dead and it’s symphonic counterpart Elect The Dead Symphony. His sophomore solo album Imperfect Harmonies was released in 2010, followed by Harakiri in 2012. 2013 saw two distinct releases from Serj, with the first being the critically acclaimed Orca Symphony No. 1, released in June of that year, followed up with the very unique Jazz-iz Christ one month later.
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