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Pre-order ‘The Infiltrator’ Score: [iTunes]

He builds actual string arrangements (not synthetic) into the mix. It’s a daring piece of composition for the synth heavy piece and lends an organic, human layer to the darkness… Hajian’s music throbs and pumps and washes its way through waves of synths and beats, but never loses sight of that humanity.” – Cut Print Film


Lakeshore Records will release The Infiltrator (Original Motion Picture Score) digitally on Friday, July 15.  The album features score by composer Chris Hajian (Laddie, First Position, The Take).  Preview the album and read the full score review now at Cut Print Film!

The various artists soundtrack will also be released on July 15; see our previous announcement here, for more details.

Broad Green Pictures presents THE INFILTRATOR, in theaters Wednesday, July 13!

The Infiltrator (Original Motion Picture Score)
Chris Hajian

01. The Infiltrator – Chris Hajian
02. Close Call – Chris Hajian
03. Picking Up The Informant – Chris Hajian
04. Setting Up Shop – Chris Hajian
05. Chase The Money – Chris Hajian
06. The Stakeout – Chris Hajian
07. Dom Walks – Chris Hajian
08. Ospina- Chris Hajian
09. Don’t F*** This Up – Chris Hajian
10. BCCI Panama – Chris Hajian
11. My Clients Sell Cocaine – Chris Hajian
12. I’m Being Followed – Chris Hajian
13. So Who Is She? – Chris Hajian
14. Surviving The Hit – Chris Hajian
15. Santeria – Chris Hajian
16. The Stars Are Aligning – Chris Hajian
17. I Want More Money – Chris Hajian
18. I’m Going To Introduce You To Don Pablo – Chris Hajian
19. Escobar’s Calling Card – Chris Hajian
20. You’ve Made Your Decision, Now I’ve Made Mine – Chris Hajian
21. Falsify Your Records – Chris Hajian
22. That’s Our Answer, The Wedding – Chris Hajian
23. Are We Next? – Chris Hajian
24. I’m Not Going Home – Chris Hajian
25. The Raid – Chris Hajian and Tristan Clopet
26. Gloria’s Plea – Chris Hajian
27. Calm Before The Storm – Chris Hajian and Tristan Clopet
28. Here We Go – Chris Hajian
29. The Wedding – Chris Hajian
30. I’m Going To Miss Bob Musella – Chris Hajian


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