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Eldest Souls: Sergio Ronchetti Video Game Score Releases Digitally!

Eldest Souls_600

The game soundtrack is incredibly cinematic, with the main theme and overall tones having an ethereal quality featuring traditional choirs and building suspenseful strings. Each track is grander than the last, with the tone of the score not only matching the gameplay action, but also perfectly underscoring the story and narrative of the game. – Bleeding Cool

Today, Lakeshore Records releases Eldest Souls—Original Game Soundtrack featuring the score debut by London-based, Spanish and Italian composer and sound designer Sergio Ronchetti.  Listen to the ethereal “Main Theme” track (below) which originally premiered at Bleeding Cool!

The darkly melancholic orchestrated score is redolent of both Ronchetti’s classical training as well as his love of all things metal from his days touring as a heavy metal bassist.  It’s a dramatic, combative musical backdrop to the envelope-pushing pixel art, boss rush, “Souls-like” video game.  Developed by Fallen Flag Studio,  the Eldest Souls game was released via publishers, United Label, on July 29.

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