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Kevin Costner Takes On Football In ‘Draft Day’ – Preview The Film Score

Draft Day, the new film which stars Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner, opens in theaters on April 11 during sports season.   Lakeshore Records has released the Draft Day Film Score by Academy Award-nominated John Debney, before the movie’s premiere so you can stay ahead of the game.  From the NCAA Final Four to Opening Day for Major League Baseball, this movie surrounding an NFL football team and his manager is going to keep sports enthusiasts pumped.  Experience the spirit, determination and perseverance of a man on a mission through the music.  Watch the album preview and get psyched for the film.  Let’s go!

Lakeshore Records: Draft Day Film Score by John Debney

With a winning team like Director Ivan Reitman, John Debney and a cast which includes Denis Leary, Chadwick Boseman, Frank Langella, Sean Combs, Terry Crews, Sam Elliott and Tom Welling, how could you lose?

Download The Album: Draft Day Original Score And Conducted By John Debney


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Coming Soon: ‘Draft Day’ Soundtrack – Movie Stars Kevin Costner & Jennifer Garner

We’ve seen Kevin Costner play golf in a movie. And, now, he plays the general manager of the Cleveland Browns NFL football team in his latest film, Draft Day, in theatres April 11. The Draft Day Soundtrack, released on April 1 by Lakeshore Records, is scored by composer John Debney (who also scored “The Call” ).  Read more to preview the track listings.

Draft Day Soundtrack Kevin Costner

Download The Album: http://bit.ly/DraftDayMusic


Draft Day (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Score by John Debney

01. Opening

02. Most Desperate Guy You Know

03. Ray Jennings

04. Seattle Transition

05. Well, That’s That

06. How Important Is Winning?

07. God Damn Reverence

08. Sacked 12 Times

09. Bathroom Mirrors

10. Even the Great Ones

11. Yes Or No

12. Women Are Tricky

13. U of W

14. Buffalo

15. The Team I Wanted

16. It’s Still Callahan

17. Game Tape

18. Ali Finds Note

19. It Was Brian

20. God Damn Ashes

21. Bo Callahan and Ray Jennings Arrive

22. Sonny Calls Bo

23. Pre-Draft Parties

24. Brown on the Clock

25. War Room

26. Things I Love About You

27. Get Jeff Carson

28. Carson Says Deal

29. Made a Trade, It’s Me

30. Get Putney, Different World

31. Seattle Gets Bo

32. Coach Call Ray Jennings

33. We’re Going To Have A Baby

34. Browns Kick Off