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Weekly Roundup: 6 Stories You May Have Missed, Including ‘Blue Valentine’ On Demand & Jim Jarmusch’s ‘The Limits Of Control’

Can’t get enough of movies?  This week, we’ve rounded up a collection of posts which feature some great movies and soundtracks released by Lakeshore Records.   Check out the latest list of movie soundtracks and film scores we recommend such as The Limits of Control (both the various artists and EP are fantastic), and Wanted (film scored by Danny Elfman).  Elfman’s signature touches and Director Jim Jarmusch‘s influence makes these soundtracks collectible.  Don’t forget to note the film composers to follow their score work on other Lakeshore Records albums. Lakeshore Records: Weekly Roundup - The Limits of Control & Wanted 1. Two Must-Watch Movies Starring ‘X-Men’ Stars Halle Berry & Hugh Jackman 2. ‘People Like U’s Composer A.R. Rahman Scores This Summer’s Feel-Good Movie, ‘Million Dollar… 3. Now On Netflix: ‘Home of the Brave’ – Score By Stephen Endelman & Song By Sheryl Crow 4. Pick of the Week: Director Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Limits of Control’ Now On Netflix 5. Watch Online: 8 Movies We Love Including Blue Valentine, G.B.F., The Grandmaster & More 6. Two Must-Watch Movies Starring The ‘Maleficent’ Angelina Jolie   Don’t forget to subscribe to Film Music Daily to stay in the know!

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Now On Netflix: ‘Home Of The Brave’ – Score By Stephen Endelman & Song By Sheryl Crow | Download The Soundtrack On iTunes

On this Memorial Day, we reflect on the brave men and women who serve in the U.S. military.  Lakeshore Records selects Home of the Brave, a film scored by Grammy Award-nominated Composer Stephen Endelman (Rob The Mob, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain), with a track by Grammy Award-winning musician Sheryl Crow.  Lakeshore Records is pleased to have released the soundtrack to Home Of The Brave, a moving accompaniment to the film (watch it on Netflix).

Lakeshore Records: Home Of The Brave Soundtrack

Academy Award-winning Director Irwin Winkler (Rocky) was at the helm of Home Of The Brave, which stars Samuel L. Jackson (Jumper), Jessica Biel (Next), Brian Presley (General Hospital) and 50 Cent (Date Movie).  The film is centered around three soldiers who attempt to readjust to civilian life after returning from their tour in Iraq.

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Home of the Brave (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):
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Watch the music video for Sheryl Crow’s “Try Not To Remember”:

Watch this interview with Composer Stephen Endelman on his recent film score work on Rob The Mob.  Mr. Endelman’s television score work can be heard on ABC Family’s new TV series, Chasing Life, premiering on June 10.

#ThrowbackThursday : Home Of The Brave Features Sheryl Crow “Try Not To Remember”

A solid and timely piece of work from Hollywood veteran Irwin Winkler is an important, thought and emotion-provoking film, certain to be controversial, and to be remembered.
– Rotten Tomatoes

iTunes: http://bit.ly/8QiW0S
Amazon: http://bit.ly/8dezq1

Sheryl Crow “Try Not To Remember” from Home Of The Brave

01. Try Not To Remember – Sheryl Crow
02. The Battle Ends – Stephen Endelman
03. Opening Iraq – Stephen Endelman
04. Looking at the Map – Stephen Endelman
05. Daddy’s Home – Stephen Endelman
06. The Kitchen – Stephen Endelman
07. The Funeral – Stephen Endelman
08. I Gave This To Him – Stephen Endelman
09. Unbuttoning – Stephen Endelman
10. The Chase – Stephen Endelman
11. I’m Sorry Mommy – Stephen Endelman
12. Where Is He? – Stephen Endelman
13. What We’re Thankful For – Stephen Endelman
14. Test Taking – Stephen Endelman
15. All Hell Broke Loose – Stephen Endelman
16. What Happened to your Hand? – Stephen Endelman
17. One Kid and One Hand – Stephen Endelman
18. Go and Die – Stephen Endelman
19. Return To Iraq – Stephen Endelman