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Now On Netflix: ‘At The Devil’s Door’ Makes Top Horror Film List, Ronen Landa’s Score Receives Soundtrack Geek Awards Nom, CD Available On January 13!

Hands down, my absolute favorite film of the year, Nicholas McCarthy’s AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR is a film that just feels like it was made for me. Every single thing I love about the horror genre and great storytelling is in this one, and it’s the one film that left me thinking for MONTHS after first seeing it during the Fantasia Film Festival. -Jerry Smith, Icon’s of Fright


How many reasons do you need to see At The Devil’s Door?  We have at least three: the film, now available on Netflix, claims the #1 spot at Icons Of Fright’s “Top Horror Films” list; Composer Ronen Landa receives nominations from the Soundtrack Geek Awards for his score; and At The Devil’s Door (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is available on CD on January 13!

Download The Album!

At The Devil’s Door (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes | Buy CD


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At The Devil's Door Music By Ronen Landa Soundtrack Available On Lakeshore Records

Watch At The Devil’s Door available now on Netflix.

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At The Devil’s Door Soundtrack Feat. Music By Composer Ronen Landa Available Now

At the devil’s door” is like a visit in a tight and dark tunnel which has lots of twists and turns. You never know what to expect. A few cues are constructed in a stop and go manner, they don’t flow naturally. The effect is very good. I love a score that surprises me, and I got a few of surprises listening to this one. –SoundtrackDreams.com


Download The Album

At The Devil’s Door: iTunes | CD Available 11/25

Lakeshore Records is pleased to release At The Devil’s Door Music By Ronen Landa.  Composer Ronen Landa previously collaborated with the film’s director, Nicholas McCarthy on The Pact.  “The score for At The Devil’s Door was blessed with the talents of musicians who worked with me to explore the darkest corners of their instruments,” described Landa.  “I manipulated those recordings in the studio to craft unworldly sounds that became the foundation for the experience.  I found inspiration for our demonic themes in the ancient music and languages of the Silk Road region, and more restrained melodic gestures provide the dramatic counterpoint.”


Track Listing

At The Devil’s Door (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Ronen Landa

  1. Leigh (Theme from “At The Devil’s Door”)
  2. So He Knows Your Name
  3. Sisters
  4. Rocking Horse
  5. Greenville
  6. You’re All Dead
  7. Hannah
  8. Come to Me
  9. Expulsion
  10. Vera
  11. Pellem Pro Pelle
  12. Like a Costume
  13. Exposure
  14. Home

At The Devil's Door Music By Ronen Landa Soundtrack Available On Lakeshore Records

At The Devil’s Door is available now on VOD (rent it on iTunes).



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‘At The Devil’s Door’ Inspired By A True Story – On VOD & In Theaters Now, Soundtrack Coming Soon

“Writer-director Nicholas McCarthy reveals he got the inspiration for At the Devil’s Door during a bizarre cab ride at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival, where his previous terror tale, The Pact, was screening.

“When I was at Sundance, a cab picked me up to take me back to the condo that I was staying in,” explains the filmmaker. “The cab driver was this Chilean guy and he asked me what I was there for. I said, I’m here for this movie called The Pact.’ He said, ‘Is that about a pact with the Devil? I made pact with the Devil.’ So I said, to this complete stranger, ‘Tell me about that!’”   Read the full story at Entertainment Weekly.

In theaters now: At The Devil’s Door the new film by director Nicholas McCarthy.  The film premiered at Sundance and screened at SXSW this past March.  At The Devil’s Door soundtrack, featuring the chilling score by Composer Ronen Landa, will be released by Lakeshore Records.  More details about the soundtrack is coming soon.  Watch At The Devil’s Door, starring Naya Rivera (Glee), Ashley Rickards (Awkward), Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace), Nick Eversman (Hellraiser: Revelations) and Michael Massee (Tales From The Hood), in theaters now via IFC Films (Get tickets and showtimes).


Read More: At The Devil’s Door Soundtrack Coming Soon

Lakeshore Records To Release 'At The Devil's Door'

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At The Devil’s Door Soundtrack Coming Soon | Watch The Movie In Theaters This Weekend!

McCarthy surely knows how to play with our fears, using a combination of natural light, negative space and a brilliant soundtrack by Ronen Landa to toy with us, and drag us down into this never ending spiral. He reminds us that the Devil hides in small spaces, so be very aware of your surroundings. You never know where it may be hiding next. – Read the full story at IXdaily.com.


Lakeshore Records is pleased to release the soundtrack to At The Devil’s Door, coming this fall.  The film is scored by Composer Ronen Landa (Cavemen, The Pact).  Landa’s music has accompanied award-winning films at Sundance, Berlin, Tribeca, SXSW and other festivals around the globe.  At The Devil’s Door film is directed by Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact) and stars Naya Rivera (Glee), Ashley Rickards and Catalina Sandino Moreno.  The movie is out now on VOD and in theaters today (check local listings for showtimes).  More soundtrack details are forthcoming.

At The Devil’s Door On Facebook




Lakeshore Records To Release 'At The Devil's Door'


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Cavemen – Full Soundtrack Details

Cavemen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Cavemen (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Track Listing:
01. All Day And Through The Night – Reto
02. Watch These Girls – Mathclub
03. This Place – Names of Stars
04. Take Me Out – Golden State
05. Are You – Names Of Stars
06. Back To The Cave – Ronen Landa
07. Hottie Boys – We3Kings
08. Fisherman – The Peach Kings
09. Capsize – Big Black Delta
10. And She Takes – Zack Liam Weber and L.J. Naschsin
11. All Roads Lead Home – Golden State
12. Cavemen – Ronen Landa

Cavemen at iTunes / Amazon

Cavemen follows LA playboy Dean (Skylar Astin) who is fed up with one-night-stands and empty relationships and realizes that he wants something more out of life than just a party. With a little inspiration from his nine-year-old nephew and his best friend Tess (Camilla Belle), Dean decides to try his hand at finding true love for the first time – which proves to be much more difficult than he thought in modern-day Los Angeles.