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The Predator: Henry Jackman’s Epic Film Score Vinyl Revealed! | Dread Central

Jackman’s music pays homage to Alan Silvestri’s score from the 1987 original and utilized a 180-piece orchestra! – Jonathan Barkan, Dread Central

Lakeshore Records is pleased to present Henry Jackman’s epic score to The Predator, coming February 22 to vinyl! The film was a monstrous hit: The Predator movie was a No. 1 Box Office hit upon its theatrical release last year, staying in the Top 10 for three weeks straight! More details below.
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The Predator: Henry Jackman’s Full Film Score Arrives on Digital September 28!

Jackman’s score, like the film itself honors the original Predator film and then goes its own way – Syfy Wire

Fans of Henry Jackman’s score to No. 1 blockbuster film, The Predatorwill be happy to discover the full soundtrack album is set to be released on Friday, September 28 via Lakeshore Records!  See our previous announcement on this release and film here.  

“It’s legit my favorite movie of 2018 so far” – John Squires, Editor in Chief, Bloody Disgusting


The Predator (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Henry Jackman

01. Arrival
02. Discovery
03. Rory
04. Project Stargazer
05. Beautiful Specimen
06. Playing with Fire
07. Out of the Cage
08. The Loonies
09. On the Loose
10. Another World
11. Rescue
12. Apex Predator
13. Damage Control
14. The Good Soldier
15. Team McKenna
16. The Ark Ship
17. Onslaught
18. Contact
19. The Hunt
20. The Sacrifice
21. Alien Abduction
22. The Last Stand
23. Man vs. Predator
24. Remembrance
25. The Predator’s Gift


20th Century Fox presents THE PREDATOR, now playing in theaters (get tickets)!