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Nightcrawler Soundtrack Vinyl! James Newton Howard’s Dark Masterpiece For Jake Gyllenhaal’s L.A Drama Comes To Vinyl Through Lakeshore & Invada!

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Nightcrawler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
[BUY NOW] ‘Cherry Cola Variant’ [USA] [UK]
‘Streetlamp Yellow Variant’ [USA] [UK]

The incredible soundtrack for Academy Award®-nominated film, Nightcrawler, composed by eight-time Academy Award®-nominated composer James Newton Howard, comes to vinyl through our partners Invada.

The film, which stars Jake GyllenhaalRene RussoBill Paxton and Riz Ahmed, centres on the exploits of sociopathic cameraman “Lou Bloom” played by Gyllenhaal as he inserts himself into the world of real life crime in the City of Angels.

Expect to find Nightcrawler hitting a lot of ‘Best of 2016 Vinyl Soundtrack’ year end lists.

Download The Album Here At [ITUNES] / Stream Select Tracks At [SPOTIFY]

Vinyl Details:
$25.00 / £19.99
Pressed on CHERRY COLA colored wax and includes artwork taken from the iconic LA billboard posters used to promote the film.
Housed in a 425g heavy weight jacket.
Features a double sided printed insert & digital download card

Vinyl Details:
$25.00 / £19.99
Pressed on STREETLAMP YELLOW colored wax and features exclusive artwork from illustrator/artist Ben Holmes, approved by Jake Gyllenhaal himself.
Housed in a 425g heavy weight jacket.
Features a double sided printed insert & digital download card

Nightcrawler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
James Newton Howard

1. Nightcrawler
2. Lou’s Inspired
3. Driving at Night
4. Sell the Bike
5. Loder Crashes
7. The First Accident
8. Day to Night
9. Pictures on the Fridge
10. The First Night
11. Entering the House
12. Edit on the Hood
13. Lou and Rick on a Roll
14. Driving at Night, Again
15. Waiting
16. Mount Wilson
17. The Wrong Way
18. Watching the House Footage
19. Lou’s Philosophy
20. Making the News
21. Search for the Plate
22. The Newscast
23. Moving the Body
24. Chinatown Express
25. Nina and Frank
26. The Shootout
27. Lou’s Free
28. If It Bleeds It Leads

Additional Information:

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April Vinyl Month: Soundtrack Offerings 4/4 – 4/8


This week’s featured offerings for April Vinyl Month include albums from Award Winning films and an acclaimed television show!  With just one week away from Record Store Day 2016, keep these albums in mind for your record collection:

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Mud Soundtrack Ltd Ed. Juniper Double LP (Score by David Wingo)

Hannibal Season 3 Soundtrack Colored & Black Vinyl Double LP Sets (Pre-order) (Score by Brian Reitzell)

Nightcrawler Soundtrack Colored Vinyl In 2 Variants (Score by James Newton Howard)

Go to our Vinyl Store for more Soundtrack offerings from Lakeshore Records!


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Vinyl : ‘Nightcrawler’ Score By Eight-Time Academy Award Nominee James Newton Howard! Soundtrack LP Colored Vinyl in Two New Variations,



Academy Award®-nominated film, Nightcrawler, stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton and Riz Ahmed.  The album features score by eight-time Academy Award®-nominated composer James Newton Howard!  Why Nightcrawler should be added to your vinyl collection: the score plays a very prominent role in the film, informing on the perspective of the deliciously dark protagonist, “Lou Bloom” (Gyllenhaal), the sociopathic cameraman.

But the goal was to use  music see the scene from Lou’s eyes — that is, as a moment of great possibility for his career. “It really becomes an anthem of potential for his tremendous success,” Mr. Howard said. A more triumphant feel was in order.

“I think people could take that as an intentional miscue, but it really isn’t,” he said. “It was designed to orient people into understanding where he’s coming from as a character. And I think it’s key to the success of the score in the movie. – New York Times/Carpetbagger Blog

Nightcrawler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out now on Lakeshore Records (get it on iTunes).  For the vinyl album, get details and order Nightcrawler LP Variant 1 (in “Cherry Cola” Red) and Nightcrawler LP Variant 2 (in “Streetlamp” Yellow) at Invada!

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‘Nightcrawler’ Soundtrack Vinyl Feat. James Newton Howard Score Coming Soon

Nightcrawler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is out now on Lakeshore Records! Download here: [iTunes]


One of the highlights of the film, as agreed upon by critics and fans alike, is the music by composer James Newton Howard (The Sixth SenseThe Dark KnightSigns). And while the film has had a digital and CD release, Invada has arrived to bring the soundtrack to vinyl with two different yet equally amazing packages.  – Bloody Disgusting


James Newton Howard‘s score for Nightcrawler played a very important role in the film as director Dan Gilroy’s approach “was to use the score as a way to get inside the head of Lou Bloom (Mr. Gyllenhaal).  That meant music that sometimes seemed discordant with the action on screen.”(New York Times)  Get the full details on the vinyl release from Invada Records at Bloody Disgusting.

Watch Nightcrawler movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton and Riz Ahmed, available now On Demand and Blu-ray/DVD.

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Lakeshore Halloween 2015: An Epic Spotify Playlist Of Soundtracks

Lakeshore Records has compiled an epic Spotify playlist for this Halloween weekend.  The soundtrack playlist includes horrorific tracks from Nightcrawler (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) and Horns (Original Motion Picture Score), released October 2014, to Wayward Pines (Original Television Soundtrack) and Bone Tomahawk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), released in 2015.  Enjoy and share the love!

Lakeshore Records Halloween Playlist on Spotify

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