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Paper Heart – Celebrating Valentine’s Day!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with the Paper Heart Soundtrack, from Lakeshore Records!


Track Listing:

1. “The Beginning” – Michael Cera, Michael Cassady, Alden Penner, Adam Etinson
2. “Hope” – Michael Cera, Charlyne Yi, Alden Penner
3. “Mike Modrak” – Michael Cera
4. “Now They’re Really Getting to Know Each Other” – Michael Cera, Alden Penner
5. “Children Are Ridiculous” – Michael Cera, Alden Penner
6. “Symphony” – Michael Cera, Charlyne Yi, Alden Penner
7. “Don & Sally” – Michael Cera, Mary Forrest, Jamie Wheeler, Alden Penner
8. “New York City Theme” – Michael Cera, Alden Penner
9. “Magic Perfume” – Charlyne Yi, Matt Davis
10. “Charlyne vs Charlyne” – Michael Cera, Jeremy Konner
11. “The 11th Arrondissement” – Zach Condon, Perrin Cloutier
12. “Sid & Mary Beth” – Michael Cera, Michael Cassady, Alden Penner
13. “Moon Waltz” – Michael Cera, Charlyne Yi, Alden Penner
14. “Chivalrous Galloping For Thy Love” – Michael Cera, Alden Penner
15. “Psychic?” – Michael Cera, Alden Penner
16. “Lois & Sully” – Michael Cera, Alden Penner, Dan Ring, Charlyne Yi
17. “Learning” – Michael Cera, Alden Penner
18. “Flying Away” – Michael Cera
19. “Creepy Town” – Michael Cera
20. “Sprinkling” – Charlyne Yi
21. “Twin Dream Phoenix” – Alden Penner, Aiden Jeffery, Michael Speleit, Nathan Gage, Marie-Claire Saindon, Nicholas Scribner, Ben Borden
22. “Girl With The Microphone”


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