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Out Now: The Explosive ‘Seal Team 8’ Soundtrack Takes Us Behind Enemy Lines | Score By Mark Kilian

When I first watched SEAL TEAM 8 I knew I was in for a ride!” said Kilian. “Director Roel Reiné had blown a lot of things up in South Africa where the movie was filmed and his very distinctive style, both in filming and editing, had the film feel very much like a video game to me. And that’s how I approached the score. –Vents Magazine

Lakeshore Records is pleased to announce the release of Seal Team 8 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), featuring music by Composer Mark Kilian (41, Before The Rains, Bless Me Ultima, ExpectingLa Mission, Legacy The Bird Can’t Fly, The Least Among You & Woman Thou Art Loosed).  Seal Team 8: Behind Enemy Lines starring Tom Sizemore (NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Black Hawk Down), is the fourth installment of the Behind Enemy Lines series.

Lakeshore Records: Seal Team 8 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Mark Kilian, Composer

Directed by Roel Reiné (Black Ops, The Lost Tribe), Tom Sizemore is “Ricks,” the trained US Navy SEALs operative who takes his team to Africa’s Congo in order to decommission a Uranium mine and stop international terrorists.  Composer Mark Kilian skillfully incorporates the ethnic music and sounds of Africa while producing explosive, pumping, fierce sounds which speak to the action film fans who expect no less.

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