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‘Destroyer’ Comes To Blu-ray/DVD, ‘What Men Want’ on Digital

From intense drama to serious laughs, now you can enjoy Destroyer, starring Academy Award® Winner Nicole Kidman in one of her best roles yet, and What Men Want, starring Academy Award® Nominee Taraji P. Henson now in the comfort of your own home. Theodore Shapiro’s Destroyer score is one of the most acclaimed scores of 2018 and the incomparable Brian Tyler literally does it in his score to this modern rom-com. Check out the video below and see for yourself!

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Critical Praise For Theodore Shapiro’s ‘Destroyer’ Score!

The critics reviews for the Destroyer score by Theodore Shapiro are coming in!  And, with Nicole Kidman earning a Golden Globe® nomination for her performance in the film, the excitement is heating up fast!  Are you going to see this new Karyn Kusama-directed film?

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]


Annapurna Pictures presents DESTROYER, in theaters December 25!

“An explosive bank robbery scene midway through is expertly staged and thrilling to watch, and the knife-on-bone score by Theodore Shapiro and ashen cinematography by Julie Kirkwood amp up the grittiness of the piece until you can practically taste the polluted LA air.” – The AV Club

There’s a darker side to his oeuvre, as heard in horror films such as The Invitation and in upcoming Nicole Kidman-starring Destroyer. – Vehlinggo

The track, titled “Chaconne,” shows just how much thought went into the music for “Destroyer.” Shapiro has said that he wanted to create a sound “that is obsessive, animal, fierce, but also tinged with a layer of pain and regret.” And you can hear that all throughout this exclusive track. – The Playlist

“The hovering ominousness, tough talk and sense of ever-present threat rumbling around in Theodore Shapiro’s score remind viewers at once of Mann’s towering 1995 crime classic, to the extent that you can’t get the comparison out of your mind, which is not a good thing for the imitator.” – Hollywood Reporter

“This is not quite like other Theodore Shapiro offerings which tend to be a little more light-hearted, veering to the whimsical, this is a dark, sometimes droning, brooding offering which will most likely appeal to as many as it turns off. That said, it only improves with repeated listens, each new listen revealing more facets and details of each track. – Set The Tape

“The upcoming film also features a truly memorable score, composed by Theodore Shapiro. And while “Destroyer” won’t be released until Christmas, fans of Kusama, and great music in general, can hear Shapiro’s score when Lakeshore Records releases it on November 16.” – The Playlist

“The music, by Theodore Shapiro (A Simple Favour), also adds to the burgeoning sense of doom, intermittently introduced in an effectively overbearing fashion.” – Flickering Myth

“Her brutal odyssey is complemented by a growling score by Theodore Shapiro; his repeated use of two crunching guitar notes, that has a similar effect to Jaws in announcing Bell’s relentless presence as she prowls for prey.” – The List UK

“Theodore Shapiro created the beautiful score that tells the story of Erin Bell and her search for answers. It’s a perfect mix of the anxiety of the film, having you on the edge of your seat, and waiting for the other shoe to drop, as well as contrasting it with beautiful moments of serenity and peace for Erin.” – The Mary Sue

A Comprehensive ‘Destroyer’ Soundtrack Review: Score By Theodore Shapiro | Set The Tape

“Hungry Little Mutt”, track eight, opens with those by-now familiar strings promising nothing good as they saw menacingly back and forth before it spins off into something more erratic and haunting, bringing to mind some comparisons to the soundtrack to the rather superb horror movie “The Ritual”. – Set The Tape

Ahead of the Destroyer movie theatrical release, the folks over at Set The Tape have provided a standalone score review (having not screened the film yet) of Theodore Shapiro’s composition!  Be forewarned there might be spoilers as the review is quite comprehensive in that it covers several tracks from the album.  Are you looking forward to seeing Nicole Kidman in one of her mostly highly-anticipated roles yet?

The soundtrack is released by Lakeshore Records on all digital music services!  Stay tuned for more updates on this album.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Annapurna Pictures presents DESTROYER, in theaters December 25!



Lakeshore Celebrates 18 Indie Spirit Awards Nominations From Soundtrack Partners!

Lakeshore Records congratulates soundtrack partners If Beale Street Could Talk (score by Nicholas Britell), Mandy (score by Johann Johannsson), You Were Never Really Here (score by Jonny Greenwood), Leave No Trace (score by Dickon Hinchliffe), “The Tale” (score by Ariel Marx), Colette (score by Thomas Adès) and On Her Shoulders (score by Patrick Jonsson) on their Indie Spirit nominations!  In addition, Destroyer Director Karyn Kusama received the Bonnie Award nomination.  Altogether, Lakeshore celebrates the 18 Indie Spirit nominations from these film and television productions.  Congratulations to all the nominees this year!  

See the full list of nominated categories below.  See more at Deadline.

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Song Premiere: Listen To The Synth Cue ‘Calling Card’ By Theodore Shapiro From ‘Destroyer’ Soundtrack | Vehlinggo

A haunting score cue – Veiling

Ahead of the Destroyer soundtrack release, listen to “Calling Card,” a synth track by Theodore Shapiro now at Vehlinggo!  This is the second  cue premiered in advance of the album release to give you a taste of what’s to come.   As mentioned in our previous announcement, Destroyer movie reunites Theodore with Director Karyn Kusama (The Invitation).  Are you excited to see this new thriller?

Nothing Nicole Kidman has done can prepare you for ‘Destroyer’. (Peter Debruge, Variety)

Pre-order The Album: [iTunes]

Annapurna Pictures presents DESTROYER, in theaters December 25!