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Blue Valentine Vinyl Photography Gallery

Enjoy the first in a series of Vinyl Photography Gallery Posts!


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Vinyl : ‘Blue Valentine’ Soundtrack Features Rare Grizzly Bear Music On Limited Edition Blue 2xLP


Blue Valentine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a special get for Grizzly Bear fans as this music is a rare release and available on vinyl for the first time on limited edition (only a pressing of 2,000) blue vinyl.  Also featured is a bonus track of Ryan Gosling singing from the film and music by Department of Eagles and Penny & the Quarters.


A Rolling Stone article features the Derek Cianfrance-directed Blue Valentine film on a list of “most earth-shaking sexual moments” for Millennials!  Watch the Academy Award®-nominated film again and own the soundtrack to this incredibly romantic film starring Academy Award® nominees Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams!

The Weinstein Company presents BLUE VALENTINE, available now on Blu-ray/DVD (get it here) and on VOD (rent it on iTunes).

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Drive, Nightcrawler, Tree Of Life Named To ‘The 50 Best Films Of The Decade So Far’ List | Indiewire

Now that the Academy Awards has come and gone, Indiewire published a list of The 50 Best Films Of The Decade So Far, according to their editorial staff.  Lakeshore Records released the soundtracks to three of the films on this list: Drive (score by Cliff Martinez), Nightcrawler (score by James Newton Howard), The Tree of Life (score by Alexandre Desplat), plus an honorable mention for Blue Valentine (score by Grizzly Bear).  Did all of your favorite films make the list?  Which ones would you like to see?  Read the full story at Indiewire.

12. Tree of Life (Download The Album on iTunes)


40. Nightcrawler (Download The Album on iTunes)



49. Drive (Download The Album on iTunes)



Honorable Mention: Blue Valentine (Download the album on iTunes)



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Blue Valentine: Ryan Gosling’s Earth-Shaking Movie – Download His Song!

Ryan Gosling sure knows how to steam things up.  Do you remember that amazing elevator kiss scene from Drive?  Ryan Gosling‘s “Driver” character gives “Irene” (Carey Mulligan) a prolonged, passionate kiss right before he saves the day by bashing a bad guy’s face in.  Gosling fans seeking more hotness from him will not be disappointed in Blue Valentine (watch it now on Netflix).  The Blue Valentine Soundtrack features great music by Grizzly Bear, Department of Eagles, Penny & the Quarters, and a bonus track by Ryan Gosling himself. 

Lakeshore Records: Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine is featured in a recent Rolling Stone article about some pivotal moments in history for the Millennial generation.  Read the article for details about that steamy scene in Blue Valentine, here: Coming of Age: Millennials’ Most Earth-Shaking Sexual Moments.  

Download The Album!

Blue Valentine (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): Download | Buy CD
Track Listing

01. Granny Diner – Grizzly Bear

02. In Ear Park – Department of Eagles

03. Easier (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear

04. Lullabye (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear

05. I Live With You (Instrumental) -Grizzly Bear

06. Foreground (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear

07. Dory (Instrumental) – Grizzly Bear

08. You Always Hurt the Ones You Love – Ryan Gosling

09. You and Me – Penny & The Quarters

10. Shift (Alternate Version) – Grizzly Bear

11. Alligator (feat. Zach Condon, Dave Longstreth & Amber Coffman) [Choir Version] – Grizzly Bear

12. Easier – Grizzly Bear

13. Lullaby – Grizzly Bear

14. I Live With You – Grizzly Bear

15. Foreground – Grizzly Bear



Remembering Phillip Seymour Hoffman

We are incredibly saddened by the loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman. We send our thoughts and prayers to his friends, family and loved ones. We were fortunate to have released the albums to two of his films.  He was a great talent and he will be missed.