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Easter Soundtrack Dedication: The Young Messiah (Score By John Debney)

This Easter, experience the cinematic adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel, Christ The Lord, directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh and starring Adam Greaves-Neal (the young Messiah), Sarah Lazzaro (as Mary), Vincent Walsh (as Joseph) and Sean Bean (as Severus). The film features score by Academy Award®-nominated Composer John Debney (The Passion of the Christ). See the trailer and more below.

The inspiring and unique story of seven-year-old Jesus Christ and his family as they come to a fuller understanding of His divine nature and purpose.

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Spend Easter Weekend With ‘The Young Messiah’ (John Debney Score) And ‘Jerusalem’ (Michael Brook Score)!

This Easter weekend, watch the inspirational The Young Messiah movie (score by The Passion Of Christ’s John Debney) and breathtaking IMAX/Giant Screen film, Jerusalem (Score by Brooklyn’s Michael Brook)! See film and soundtrack details below.

Focus Features presents THE YOUNG MESSIAH, now playing in theaters (find a theater)!

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The Young Messiah (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: iTunes | Buy CD

The Young Messiah’ is the best Jesus movie ever. Based on Anne Rice’s historical novel, “Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt,” it combines the latest and best in filmmaking, the dramatic arts, mature biblical scholarship, theology and imagination.” – Hell Burns blog

National Geographic Entertainment presents a Cosmic Picture and Arcane Pictures Film presents JERUSALEM, in IMAX theaters now (find a theater).

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Jerusalem (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): iTunes | Buy CD

“Of course, what one considers the music of Jerusalem to be is a personal matter, but I feel it mostly in ‘The Western Wall’ and at the beginning of ‘The Second Temple’… Jerusalem is a nice score to listen to from start to end.” –Soundtrack Geek

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Naughty Bunnies: Celebrate Easter With ‘Hank And Mike’

Why have the same old Easter gathering when you can throw in a bit of hijinks?  For some good laughs, watch Hank and Mike (watch it on iTunes), starring Thomas Michael, Paolo Mancini, Joe Mantegna, Chris Klein (“Street Fighter – The Legend of Chun-Li“; “American Dreamz“) and Maggie Castle.  This irreverent comedy promises to add the right amount of sweet and naughty to your day.  Be warned: do not watch this while you’re eating or in the presence of sensitive ears (read: some naughty language).  While the movie makes you laugh, the soundtrack makes for a fun listen between spiral ham and food coma.

Lakeshore Records: Hank and Mike (soundtrack)

Hank and Mike also stars Boyd Banks (“The Love Guru“; “How She Move“) and Tony Nappo (“Defendor“; “Jumper“).  You’ll never look at men in bunny suits the same way ever again.

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Hank and Mike (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):

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