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The Ice Harvest – A Different Kind Of Holiday Album… #billbobthorton, #johncusak, #randyquaid

The Ice Harvest: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“The Ice Harvest” follows these developments with the humor of an Elmore Leonard project and the interlocking violence of a “Blood Simple.” The movie, directed by Harold Ramis, finds a balance between the goofy and the gruesome, as in a rather brilliant scene in which a mobster who is locked inside a trunk is nevertheless optimistic enough to shout out muffled death threats. – Roger Ebert



Track Listing:
01. Nothing But The Wheel – Peter Wolf
02. Trouble With Dreams – Eels
03. Miracle Of Christmas – Funeral For A Friend
04. This Christmas – Louix XIV
05. Christmas Song – Hidden In Plain View
06. The Chipmunk Song – Alvin And The Chipmunks
07. The Little Drummer Boy – Tony B
08. Silent Night – Charles Brown
09. Hark! The Herald Angels – David Kitay
10. The First Noel – Cranberry Singers
11. O Tannenbaum – Jesse Davis
12. You Seen Charlie? – David Kitay
13. Roy’s In Town – David Kitay
14. Man Down – David Kitay
15. You’re In Love With Me – David Kitay
16. The Velvet Touch – David Kitay
17. Vic’s House – David Kitay
18. The Lake – David Kitay
19. The Empty Bag – David Kitay
20. Money Isn’t Everything – David Kitay
21. Bill’s Car – David Kitay
22. Charlie Gets The Gun – David Kitay
23. Guns Everywhere – David Kitay
24. The Spoils – David Kitay
25. Christmas Celebration – Jesse Thomas
26. Let’s Be Gentlemen Please – The Gentlemen

Trailer From The Film:

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