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Throwback Thursday: It’s A Battle For Survival in ‘Camino’

In this edition of Throwback Thursday, we take a look at Camino (2015).  Set in the 1980s, Zoe Bell stars as a photographer who is taken on assignment in the jungles of Colombia.  As a stunt person for some of Hollywood’s most memorable action films (Thor: Ragnarok, Hateful Eight, Grindhouse, Kill Bill: Vol 1 & 2, Raze), you can bet there are some amazing scenes which showcases her action star abilities.  Watch the trailer below.

And, the score by Kreng highlights some key moments of the film.  If you haven’t heard of Camino, here’s your chance to experience this gem directed by Josh C. Waller, who also directed Bell in Raze.


XLrator Media and Bleiberg Entertainment present CAMINOcurrently available on VOD (rent it on iTunes).




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Year End Special: Lakeshore Loves Vinyl Spins The Best Soundtracks – Listen!

For the past half-year, Lakeshore Records has been supplying us with fantastic behind-the-scenes podcasts featuring interviews with many different composers talking about their latest work. Hosted by Tony Giles, these podcasts have been a real addition to the web site offering unique perspectives that aren’t often translated through the written word.  – Score Keeper, Birth.Movies.Death

Take a trip down memory lane with Tony Giles (host of The Damn Fine Cast and our Lakeshore Loves Vinyl guru), who spins a curated set of Lakeshore Records vinyl released in 2016 — we may be biased — but boy is this playlist good.  There aren’t enough words to describe all the emotions that go into hearing Tony’s selections from each album.  It’s been a truly amazing year of soundtrack releases at Lakeshore Records and we thank you for sticking by us on this musical journey.  So sit back, relax, and hear the full podcast exclusively at Birth.Movies.Death!

Featured Music: Lakeshore Loves Vinyl 2016 Podcast Playlist
1 KMC014  – Synchronicity
2 Baskin – Baskin
3 Wayward Pines Theme/Suite – Wayward Pines
4 Overture – Anomalisa
5 Four Doomed Men Ride Out – Bone Tomahawk
6 Rustin Parr – Blair Witch
7 End Titles – Don’t Breathe
8 Stranger Things Theme Extended – Stranger Things
9 Bill Harper – Mr Robot
10 Memories – Captain Fantastic
11 Love Crime – Hannibal Season 3
12 Daniel – Camino
13 Prologue/Tuyo – Narcos
14 Don’t Tell Sarah – Swiss Army Man
15 – September – The Nice Guys

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The first time I heard Kreng’s sharp-as-a-knife soundtrack for Camino, it went straight to my Top Five Favorite Soundtracks. I realize, of course, that is a subjective thing to say. Everyone has their favorite albums. I mention it because My Top Five soundtrack albums are albums that remain my favorites for decades. So, fair warning: I have a crush on this album.

Camino, directed by Josh Waller, tells the story of Avery Taggert (Zoë Bell, Death Proof, Whip It), an award-winning photojournalist recovering from a recent tragedy who accepts a job in Colombia to travel with and photograph a religious group/military force led by Guillermo (Nacho Vigalondo, Timecrimes). When Avery witnesses Guillermo murder a Colombian child during a drug deal, he frames her for the murder and orders the rest of his squad to hunt her down.

One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Justicia!” The track plays under the aforementioned scene in which Avery witnesses a child’s murder at the hands of the warlord she has been hired to photograph. The intense chase sequence that follows the murder begins with an unique directorial choice: a long, slow 180 degree pan away from the murder and toward our protagonist. Through most of the shot we see only dark jungle. Underscored by Kreng’s pounding distorted percussion, mere shots of leaves and vines become intensely threatening – more threatening as we realize the murderer knows his crime has been witnessed.

Avery makes a run for it. The militant group immediately sets after her. We, the audience, just like Avery, have no time to catch our breath. The chase scene that follows ratchets up the tension again and again. Just when you think the sequence will end, it doesn’t. Just when you think the score couldn’t possibly get louder or heavier, it kicks into a higher gear.

Kudos to Josh Waller and Kreng (Pepijn Caudron) for assembling one of the loudest, most industrially-scored foot chases I’ve ever seen on film.

In partnership with Lakeshore Records, Invada Records has released a stunning vinyl package for Camino. Double LP on clear vinyl with gorgeous blood-red artwork and insert booklet designed to mimic Avery’s notebook. This edition is limited to 500 copies, so grab one now here (UK) or here (US).



Camino is also available digitally on iTunes and Spotify. You can also pick up a deluxe Digipak CD.
This Staff Pick is by John Bergin, Art Director and A&R for Lakeshore Records. Follow John on Twitter: @JBXX

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What’s New On Lakeshore Records: Swiss Army Man, Mr. Robot Deluxe Edition CDs, Camino LP + More

Soundtracks out June 24, 2016 on Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records has released a bevy of incredible soundtracks for the month of June, so here’s a handy list of albums you may have missed in the past week, out now!

Out Now Digitally:

Swiss Army Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): get it here.


Not only did the single, “Montage” chart on Apple Music’s Best Of The Week list and Spotify’s Global Viral 50 and United States Viral 50 list at #12 and #6 respectively, the full album debuted at #10 on iTunes!  Catch the movie when it goes wide on July 1st!

Wildlike (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): get it here


Danny Bensi & Saunder Jurriaans’ score for Frank Hall Green’s beautiful soul-searching drama, Wildlike, is out now!  Danny and Saunder, known for Lakeshore’s other releases The One I Love and Last Days In The Desert have been described as composers to watch by film music critics!

Award-winning Wildlike movie is available now on Blu-ray/DVD (get it here) and VOD (rent it on iTunes).


Where Did They Film That? Italy – The Musical Journey: get it here


The album is a companion soundtrack to the popular book “Where Did They Film That? Italy” — a collection of songs best known from the Italian films from which they are associated.   Sung by Popera singer/performer Romina Arena, this musical journey takes you through some of the most beloved, classic films ever to grace the silver screen!


Out Now on Vinyl:

Camino (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2xLP: get it here


Kreng’s latest collaboration with Cooties writer/producer Josh Waller proved to be a fruitful one, giving birth to the score for Camino, the action film  starring one of Holywood’s go-to stuntwoman extraordinaire, Zoe Bell!  We loved seeing her kick ass on screen, and Kreng’s “unsettling” and “edgy” score (The Action Elite) — an interplay between analog and retro horror vibe made the survival drama all the more delicious.

Out Now on CD:

Mr. Robot Volume 1 (Original Television Series Soundtrack) CD: get it here
Mr. Robot Volume 2 (Original Television Series Soundtrack) CD: get it here


Mac Quayle’s amazing score gets a Deluxe Edition CD release, and it’s a collector’s item for any Mr. Robot fan! Packaging and design was created by Lakeshore Records Art Director John Begin in collaboration with series creator Sam Esmail!

Out Now on Spotify:

Swiss Army Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): follow playlist here

Stream the entire album or own it!  Go see Swiss Army Man, starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe in theaters everywhere on July 1st!


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‘Camino’ Composer Kreng Joins Morricone Island Radio Show At 7 PM EDT On WFMU! Soundtrack CD Out Now


‘Camino’ Soundtrack Is Out Now On Lakeshore Records – Download Here: [iTunes]


Join composer Kreng (Pepijn Caudron) tonight on the Morricone Island soundtrack radio show at 4 PM PT/7PM ET on WFMU as he discusses his score for Josh C. Waller’s action-thriller film, Camino!  Listen online at WFMU.

Order the Camino (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) CD here.

Head on over to Invada for more details on how to order the soundtrack vinyl!

XLrator Media and Bleiberg Entertainment present CAMINOcurrently available on VOD (rent it on iTunes).


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