New Releases: Stranger Things 4 Atmos EP, The Slumberkins, Avenue 5, and Law & Order: Organized Crime

This week, Lakeshore Records has an exciting offering of television soundtrack releases from Netflix, Apple TV+, HBO Max, and NBC!  From a spatial mix experience to preschool to sci-fi to a long-awaited release, soundtrack fans have their pick of potential new music obsessions. It’s also exciting to see two out of the four releases this week are by women composers.


“Dixon’s and Stein’s score melts into the scenes so that the viewers become wholly immersed in the Stranger Things universe, pulling our strings and manipulating our emotions.” – Collider

Experience Stranger Things season 4 as you’ve never before: selections from the original score of Stranger Things Season 4 by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein is released now in Dolby Atmos, exclusive to Apple Music.  Listen to a “spatial mix” of three tracks, including the iconic GRAMMY-nominated “Stranger Things” theme, curated especially for this three-track EP.  




Gather around your little ones! Slumberkins: Season 1, Volume 1—Apple TV+ Series Soundtrack featuring music by Emmy ®-nominated singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson along with The Slumberkins digitally November 4. The heartwarming songs bring to life the characters in the mixed media puppet/2D animation series from The Jim Henson Company.  Michaelson serves as executive music producer for the show.  “Slumberkins” premieres globally on Apple TV+ on November 4. The theme song by Ingrid Michaelson, “Wonder of Slumberkins,” will be available as a free “instant grat” track with every album preorder beginning October 20.
Says Michaelson: “I love everything that Slumberkins stands for.  Offering emotional support through play is something I value deeply as a super auntie to my two nieces. Getting to create this music with my longtime friends and collaborators, Allie Moss, Hannah Winkler, and Billy Libby, was a truly fun and special experience.”

Note: All of the songs’ writer credits are denoted in the track list by Ingrid Michaelson (“/IM”), and Michaelson with the members of her band which includes Billy Libby, Hannah Winkler and Allie Moss (“/all 4)”.

Track List:
01. Wonder Of Slumberkins (Theme Song) – Ingrid Michaelson / IM
02. Too Many Yaks – The Slumberkins / All 4
03. Everybody Cries – The Slumberkins / All 4
04. Sunny Day Cupcakes – The Slumberkins / All 4
05. It’s Great Being a Bigfoot – The Slumberkins / All 4
06. Such Great Ideas – The Slumberkins / All 4
07. Our Love Will Never Break – Ingrid Michaelson / All 4
08. Play All Day – The Slumberkins. / All 4
09. Play All Day (Reprise) – The Slumberkins / All 4
10. The Gift Is You – The Slumberkins / All 4
11. Poop-A-Dee-Doop – The Slumberkins – / IM
12. Poop-A-Dee-Doop (Reprise) – The Slumberkins. / IM
13. Our Friendship Will Never Break – The Slumberkins / All 4
14. Moving On – Ingrid Michaelson / IM
15. Invisible Thread – The Slumberkins / IM
16. Invisible Thread Reprise – The Slumberkins. / IM
17. Perfectly Planned Day – The Slumberkins / All 4
18. Perfectly Planned Day (Reprise) – The Slumberkins / All 4
19. Imagine Myself To Sleep – The Slumberkins / All 4
20. I Can Use My Voice – The Slumberkins  / All 4
21. Home – Ingrid Michaelson / IM



The highly-anticipated Law & Order: Organized Crime–Original Series Soundtrack has been released by Lakeshore Records!  Available now digitally, the album features music by UK-based composer Ruth Barrett (The Terminal List, Collateral).  For the first time ever, a “Law & Order” franchise is offering fans a complete soundtrack, full of dramatic, suspenseful, and emotional compositions that are already recognizable to its vast viewing audience.

The hit series, now in its third season, is from Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television, starring Christopher Meloni, Danielle Mone Truitt and Ainsley Seiger.
Barrett masterfully imbues the iconic sounds of the series score into strikingly dark cues to create the backdrop to the show’s focus on the underground crime world. Each track on the compilation was carefully selected to represent the most memorable moments of Law & Order: Organized Crime’s debut season, which brought back one of the most beloved characters in television history in Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler. Viewers quickly latched onto tracks including the Benson and Stabler Love Theme, which prompted the release of a full soundtrack.
“The Law & Order franchise is already recognized for its iconic opening credits and originality of sound,” said Ruth Barrett, “Law & Order: Organized Crime’s” composer. “When we approached creating music for this show, we had to build another important layer to the monumental return of this character who was deeply missed both by other characters and the fanbase. The music integrates Stabler’s complicated history and future, with a goal of driving the viewer experience to new heights. We were thrilled about the audience’s visceral reaction.”
The soundtrack additionally features tracks that tell the stories of Stabler’s sergeant and partner, Ayanna Bell (Truitt), who leads the task force with skillful authority, and Jet Slootmaekers (Seiger), who utilizes her unparalleled tech expertise and hacking skills to give the team a leg up on striking their target.
Track List
01. Stabler
02. She’s Gone (Kathy’s Theme)
03. Chasing Sinatra
04. Benson & Stabler (Love Theme)
05. Virginia Road Trip
06. Arrest Bekher
07. Lost Souls
08. Angela Gave the Order
09. Richie Kills Gina
10. Jet On Route
11. Wheatley Faceoff
12. Gina in the Morgue
13. Gauntlet Walk
14. Season 1 Finale

 AVENUE 5 – ADEM ILHAN [Download/Stream]

Avenue 5” fans, rejoice!   Avenue 5–Original Series Soundtrack featuring music from the first and second seasons by Adem Ilhan (In The Loop).  With a directive that the score “needs to sound like no other music,” Ilhan set out on an unorthodox recording journey with the help of bass clarinetist Robert Stillman and violinist Emma Smith creating a vividly chaotic yet melodic backdrop to the manic futuristic space comedy.   Season two of the HBO original series created by Armando Ianucci (“Veep”), and starring Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad, is airing now on HBO and streaming on HBO Max.
“Avenue 5” takes us to a not-so-distant future where space tourism is a booming business. While manning a luxury spacecraft owned by Herman Judd (Gad), Captain Ryan Clark (Laurie) finds himself in over his head when the ship is thrown disastrously off-course – turning what was meant to be an eight-week cruise into an eight-year journey. Picking up five months after failing to reroute the vessel, season two follows the crew – including fiery engineer Billie (Lenora Crichlow), unpredictable head of customer relations Matt (Zach Woods), and faithful right-hand Iris (Suzy Nakamura) – as they struggle to lead, calm, control, and, if need be, hide from increasingly unruly passengers. On earth, they’re lauded as heroes, and in space, everyone can hear them scream.
Notes Ilhan in the extensive liners: “In this score I knew that I wanted rigidity in order to give pace, but also a constant sense of unease or underlying dread.  The script is very funny, but it is powerful because it examines ineptitude in the face of disaster – I felt it would be my job to make that dread be palpable, but also be able to keep the fast momentum flowing”
Track List:
01. The Continuing Journey
02. Mmm Ba Deep
03. Go Up There And Smile
04. Newton’s… Third Law
05. The Key Word Is Walk
06. Your Ears Are Beautiful, To Me
07. Inside
08. Bearing
09. It Stands For Visual Effects
10. Aaargh
11. Back On Earth
12. Big Yellow
13. It’s All Gonna Be Fine
14. Tense Is My Middle Name
15. I Don’t Want To Use My Sweet Moves
16. Oh Oh Oh Five
17. Walk With Me
18. Unclench Me
19. Knotted Bedsheets
20. Orbiting
21. Like Psychosis But With None Of The Benefits


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