Love Death & Robots: Season 3 Soundtrack Releases Digitally, EMMY Winning Series Now Streaming on Netflix!

“The definitive collection of the musical wonders from Netflix’s beloved animated anthology.” – Collider

Lakeshore Records has released Love, Death & Robots: Season 3—Soundtrack From The Netflix Series featuring music by composer and series music consultant Rob Cairns, Award-winning composer Jason Hill (who scored the David Fincher-directed “Bad Travelling”), iconic DJ/composer Tom Holkenborg (AKA Junkie XL), and renowned electronic artist Killawatt (who scored the double Emmy-winning episode “Jibaro”).  Keep reading to view the full album track list and streaming links.

The multiple Emmy Award-winning series was created by Blur Studio and airs globally on Netflix.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Stream]

Track List
01. Craters – Rob Cairns
02. Seasteading – Rob Cairns
03. Its Magnificent – Rob Cairns
04. Extreme Democracy Quintet – Rob Cairns
05. Liftoff – Rob Cairns
06. Io / Tank Rupture – Rob Cairns
07. Wake Up – Rob Cairns
08. Formations – Rob Cairns
09. What Does This Sound Like? – Rob Cairns
10. Electromagnetic Spectrum – Rob Cairns
11. One Last Dream Before Dying – Rob Cairns
12. Open – Rob Cairns
13. Fire And Forget – Rob Cairns
14. Her Name Was Susan – Rob Cairns
15. Uncrating The TT15 – Rob Cairns
16. Battle – Rob Cairns
17. I Salute Your Bravery – Rob Cairns
18. We Got These Fuckers Now – Rob Cairns
19. Light Em Up – Rob Cairns
20. Guard What? – Rob Cairns
21. Contact Rear – Rob Cairns
22. Release Me – Rob Cairns
23. From Black To Blood – Jason Hill
24. Me Eat Meat – Jason Hill
25. As You Must Now With Me – Jason Hill
26. Put It To A Vote – Jason Hill
27. Babies – Jason Hill
28. Mutiny – Jason Hill
29. We Have Arrived – Jason Hill
30. Bad Travelling Closing Titles – Jason Hill
31. Adrift On Ancient Chemical Tides – Tom Holkenborg
32. Genetic Protocal – Tom Holkenborg
33. Parasites – Tom Holkenborg
34. Tachi (Jibaro) – Killawatt



Emmy-winning animated anthology “Love, Death + Robots” returns with a third volume executive produced by Tim Miller (Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate) and David Fincher (MINDHUNTER, Mank). Terror, imagination and beauty combine in new episodes which stretch from uncovering an ancient evil to a comedic apocalypse, telling startling short stories of fantasy, horror and science-fiction with trademark wit and visual invention.

Rob Cairns notes: “Due to its anthology format, each episode of Love Death and Robots requires its own specific musical language encompassing a vast range of genres, scoring approaches, as well as the unique working styles of all the directors. I’ve scored 23 episodes over the first three seasons, and in volume 3 I got to explore a range from 18th century Scottish strathspeys to “yacht rock”, ambient electronic and aleatoric orchestral music, sometimes jumping between them on the same day while writing and recording. You have to be adaptable. In addition to the writing, the production and mixing processes also need to be tailored for the different genres, which often have radically different sonic and style aesthetics, and sometimes blur the line between sound design and music. It’s certainly challenging but also very rewarding work.”

Adds Jason Hill: “David Fincher sent me the script to ‘Bad Travelling,’ which would be his animated film directorial debut and our 5th project together, along with this description of what the music should be: It’s an orchestral exploration of nautical groans and collisions of huge, rotting timber and iron hulls with chains and drips and splattering…It should sound MASSIVE and GUTTURAL: an industrial whaling symphony without hope.”

Tom Holkenborg commented: “This was another really great episode with Tim. Very futuristic and bombastic at times. I was always trying to find the edge with the music without getting in the way of the story.”
Killawatt noted: “Working alongside Alberto on ‘Jiabro’ was an incredibly fun, creative, and educational process. It was an immediate and very natural working relationship, borne out of my respect and admiration for Alberto’s expansive and challenging visions. It was liberating and refreshing to be given relative creative freedom on the project. Stamping my identity onto such a unique and forward-thinking piece of storytelling, animation, and sound design is something I’m very proud to have done. Also a massive big ups to everyone who worked on ‘Jibaro’ and congratulations on all its success!’


Watch Love Death + Robots Volume 3 now streaming on Netflix.


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