Black Site: Score By Patrick Savage Feat. Holeg Spies Releases Globally, Michelle Monaghan Film Now on VOD

Lakeshore Records has released Black Site–Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, featuring score by Patrick Savage featuring Holeg Spies (The Human Centipede, The Outsider, Shadowland).  The album also features the head banger of a track, “White Light” by Sean Hinds, Dominic Lewis, and Rama Parwata.  Full album details below.

Starting Michelle Monaghan, Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, and directed by Sophia Banks, Black Site is now available on Digital (watch on Red Box).

“Driven by a strong lead performance from Michelle Monaghan, Black Site features some bloody action movie thrills as its titular subterranean facility is torn apart by Jason Clarke’s one man terrorist army.” – Decider

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Stream]

Track List
01. Terror Attack (feat. Holeg Spies)
02. Enter the Citadel (feat. Holeg Spies)
03. Hatchet Captured (feat. Holeg Spies)
04. Analysing the Blast (feat. Holeg Spies)
05. What Did You Tell Them? (feat. Holeg Spies)
06. Farhan (feat. Holeg Spies)
07. Flight to the Citadel (feat. Holeg Spies)
08. Hatchet Interrogation (feat. Holeg Spies)
09. Scalpel (feat. Holeg Spies)
10. Hatchet Hammer (feat. Holeg Spies)
11. You Are Now in Charge (feat. Holeg Spies)
12. The Server Room Fight (feat. Holeg Spies)
13. Hatchet Down (feat. Holeg Spies)
14. Abby in the Cell (feat. Holeg Spies)
15. Uri vs. Hatchet (feat. Holeg Spies)
16. It’s Going to End Right Here (feat. Holeg Spies)
17. Drone (feat. Holeg Spies)
18. White Light – Sean Hinds, Dominic Lewis, and Rama Parwata

PATRICK SAVAGE is an Australian-born composer for film and one of Britain’s foremost violinists, leading orchestras around Europe and recording for many of the biggest film scores over the past 20 years. He also plays first violin in the London production of Hamilton: The Musical

Formerly Principal First violin in the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, he leads orchestras in the recording studio and on the concert platform, regularly leading for Burt Bacharach and Quincy Jones and appearing as guest concertmaster of the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, the Liverpool Philharmonic, the Australian World Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra.

As a composer he has collaborated for many years with Holeg Spies on music for film, television, theatre and video games.

Members of an elite military unit encounter a supernatural entity known as the Elder Gods, forcing them into a battle against an army from another world.

Black Site the movie now streaming on Red Box, Apple TV+ and more.

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