Bang Bang Baby: Score By Santi Pulvirenti Releases Digitally, Series Now Streaming on Amazon Prime Video


 Lakeshore Records has released Bang Bang Baby–Original Series Soundtrack, featuring the 80s-inspired synth score by Santi Pulvirenti.  The 1980s-era crime drama stars Arianna Becheroni as a teen who descends into a life of crime after discovering her father is not, in fact, dead.

The first five episodes are airing now exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.  The final five episodes debut May 19.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Stream]
Track List
01. Analogue Strings 80
02. Donna bionica
03. Nonna eroina
04. Bang Bang Baby
05. Once up on a time in Milano
06. Occhi chiusi
07. Fascination
08. Massive dream
09. Mafia princess
10. Memoria sfocata
11. Il mitra e la sposa
12. Nereo
13. Luna park
14. Mio fratello
15. Fluido Magnetomagico


Santi Pulvirenti born in Catania in 1973.
Since 1997 he’s collaborated with Carmen Consoli, with which participated in several tours in Italy and abroad.
He also played with Patti Smith, Angelique Kidjou, Max GazzèTiromancinoFranco BattiatoRocco Papaleo, Paola Turci, Marina Rei, and others.

His soundtracks include:
 La mafia uccide solo d’estate;
– Gente che sta bene di F. Patierno;
– Io Rom romantica di L. Halilovic;
– La scuola più bella del mondo di L. Miniero;
– La grande seduzione di M. Gaudioso.

Bang Bang Baby is a crime drama set in 1986. Alice is sixteen years old and lives in a small town in Northern Italy. Her teenage life changes abruptly upon discovering her father, whom she believed dead, is still alive. For Alice, it is the beginning of a descent into hell. Out of love for her father, she dives headfirst into the dangerous mob world and becomes seduced by the charm that comes with crime. 

Watch Bang Bang Baby now on Prime Video:


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