Premiere: Listen To Tom Hodge’s ‘The Ipcress File’ Debut Track, Series Now Streaming on ITV

The John Barry comparisons are inevitable, especially given its general 60s vibe, but I assure you: Tom makes The Ipcress File completely his own. – The Film Scorer

Ahead of the release of The Ipcress File–Original Series Soundtrack,  we’re getting a taste of Tom Hodge’s tasteful score to the new series now streaming on ITV — listen now at The Film Scorer.  Lakeshore Records will release the full album digitally on Friday, March 25, 2022.  Be sure to pre-save the soundtrack (link below) for instant access.  We’re hoping to see the high-octane spy thriller make its stateside debut soon, so stay tuned!


Pre-save the album: [Digital]

The Ipcress File
Tom Hodge

Track List

  1. The Ipcress File
  2. An Excellent Teacher
  3. Redcaps
  4. Lost Him
  5. News For Natalie
  6. Tools Of Historical Imperative
  7. Landlady Calls
  8. Sentimental Weakness
  9. Vespa Chase
  10. There’s Nothing We Can Do
  11. I Thought You Were Dead
  12. Beirut Airport
  13. Confirm Your Prejudice
  14. Aftermath
  15. Preparation For War
  16. A Certain Disillusionment
  17. Blindfold
  18. The Exchange
  19. Everyday
  20. There Must Be Use For A Man Like That
  21. Exploiting People
  22. I Think She’s Lying, Sir
  23. A Shard Of Hope
  24. Girls In The Picture
  25. Dawson Sketches
  26. Do The Unthinkable
  27. In The Woods
  28. Out Of The Woods
  29. I Will Find Him
  30. Housemartin
  31. They Did Have A File
  32. I’m Sorry, It Was Selfish Of Me
  33. You Look Like A Strong Chap
  34. Birch Grove
  35. A Token Of Gratitude 

The Ipcress File starring Joe Cole, as iconic spy Harry Palmer, Lucy Boynton and Tom Hollander, is now streaming on ITV.

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