Archive 81: Series Score By Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow Releases Digitally, Netflix Supernatural Thriller Now Streaming!

Invada Records and Lakeshore Records have released Archive 81—Soundtrack From The Netflix Series, featuring music by Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow. The score is released digitally worldwide on January 14 and vinyl and CD versions will be forthcoming. The supernatural thriller series loosely inspired by the podcast of the same name will premiere on Netflix on January 14.  View full album listening links and more below.

Listen to “Journey To The Compound”:


Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Archive 81 (Soundtrack From The Netflix Series) 
Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow 

  1. Archive 81 – Titles
  2. The Visser Ritual
  3. Tape Cleaning
  4. Losing Track Of Time 
  5. Jess Opens Up
  6. Journey ToTheCompound 
  7. Seizure
  8. Ghost Story / Cracking The Code 
  9. Otherside
  10. Mold
  11. Someone IsIn There 
  12. Séance
  13. Cameras
  14. The Greenstone Totem
  15. Dan’s Theme
  16. I’m a Spirit Receiver
  17. Church Seizure / The Compound
  18. The Cult of Kaelego
  19. A Connection Through Time
  20. Tamara’s Opera
  21. Dan’s First Lucid Dream
  22. I Need To Find Her 
  23. Pep Talk
  24. 1994
  25. Going Rogue
  26. Fucking SmotheringMe 
  27. The Basement of Visser
  28. The Ritual Space Recreated
  29. Song of The Otherworld
  30. Masks
  31. What Are You Playing?
  32. Stay Out
  33. Archive 81 – Credits

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Listen to “Ghost Story / The Code”:

Archive 81 follows archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), who takes a job restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994. Reconstructing the work of a documentary filmmaker named Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi), he is drawn into her investigation of a dangerous cult at the Visser apartment building. As the season unfolds across these two timelines, Dan slowly finds himself obsessed with uncovering what happened to Melody. When the two characters form a mysterious connection, Dan becomes convinced he can save her from the terrifying end she met 25 years ago.

An original story loosely inspired by the popular podcast of the same name, Archive 81 is a supernatural thriller series executive produced by showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine (The Boys, The Vampire Diaries), James Wan and Michael Clear of Atomic Monster (The Conjuring Universe film franchise and Malignant), Rebecca Thomas (Stranger Things, Limetown), Antoine Douaihy (Panic, The Good Cop) and Paul Harris Boardman (Deliver Us from Evil).

Says Barrow: “Not often in our world of film scoring work can it be described as ‘fun’ but we really enjoyed working on Archive 81 even though it was mainly done on zoom calls due to Covid. It was a great team of people to work with.”

Ben Salisbury formed a composing partnership with Geoff Barrow (Portishead and Beak>) and together the pair have scored Alex Garland’s Ex Machina, Annihilation and Devs. Other notable credits include Ben Wheatley’s Free Fire and Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror episode, “Men Against Fire”. They also recently score the eight-part thriller series Hanna for Amazon Studios and NBC Universal and the feature Luce starring Octavia Spencer and Naomi Watts.


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