Nick Cave and Warren Ellis Release ‘Les Cerfs’ Single Ahead of La Panthere Des Neiges Full Album Release!

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Invada Records and Lakeshore Records together will release Nick Cave and Warren Ellis‘ original score to the forthcoming film La Panthère Des Neiges (AKA The Velvet Queen), available digitally December 17, 2021!  Listen to their second track, “Les Cerfs”, the follow-up to “We Are Not Alone,”  available now digitally worldwide.  View the listening links and more film details below.

The film by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Munier will be released in the U.S. on December 22.

Pre-save/Pre-order the album: [Digital]
“Les Cerfs” Available Now: [Download/Listen]
“We Are Not Alone” Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Track List
L’attaque de Loups
Les Cerfs
La Bête
Les Yaks
Des Affûts Elliptiques
Les Nomades
La Grotte
Les Princes
La Neige Tombe
Les Ours
Un Être Vous Obsède
L’apparition: We Are Not Alone



High up on the Tibetan plateau. Amongst unexplored and inaccessible valleys lies one of the last sanctuaries of the wild world, where rare and undiscovered fauna lives. Vincent Munier, one of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers takes the adventurer and novelist Sylvain Tesson (In the Forest of Siberia) with him on his latest mission. For several weeks, they’ll explore these valleys searching for unique animals and try to spot the snow leopard, one of the rarest and most difficult big cats to approach. 

Ellis says in the press notes to the film: “There is something about the heart of this film that draws you in. I realised after a day, that I wanted to do whatever it took to compose an entire original score. The film deserved to have its own musical voice. I booked five days and asked Nick if he could come in for a day to write a theme song and play some piano. He saw the film and stayed for four days.
In the end we made what I think is one of the most beautiful films we have ever worked on. One of my favourite experiences ever working on a project. The stars are the animals in all their wild glory, as we have never seen them before, and man in reverence and wonder.”



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