Composer Khari Mateen and Director Angel Kristi Williams Talk ‘Really Love’ (Lakeshore Records Podcast)

Khari Mateen - Really Love


On this episode of On Cue With, hosted by Alon Levitan, we discuss how Composer Khari Mateen and Director Angel Kristi Williams arrived at the beautifully elegant, sophisticated sound of Really Love, experimental film and photography in Baltimore, working with Questlove and the Roots in Philadelphia, art as catharsis, how to capture nuance, hanging out at Prince’s house, what vulnerability, pain, lust and love sound like, the biggest sacrifices of being an artist, Bach’s cello suites, the incomparable Sade, creating revolutionary drama without trauma, getting in the studio with God, and more.

Khari’s phenomenal score for Really Love is out now worldwide via Lakeshore Records.  Listen to the podcast below.

Angel’s exquisite directorial work can be seen in Really Love, Colin in Black and White, Cherish the Day and more. Khari’s incredible songwriting, production, and compositions can be heard on albums by artists such as The Roots, Gill Scott and RJD2, and in films and TV series such as “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story,” D Wade Life Unexpected, Really Love and elsewhere.



Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

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