Premiere: Joshua Moshier Debuts ‘End Titles Suite’ For Forthcoming ‘The Shrink Next Door’ Soundtrack | Deadline

“Joshua Moshier taps into twisted dynamic between psychiatrist and client” – Deadline

Ahead of the soundtrack release of The Shrink Next Door (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack) by Joshua Moshier (“Documentary Now!”, “Baskets“), listen to the “End Titles Suite” now exclusively at Deadline!  The full album will be released digitally in tandem with the Apple TV+ series premiere on November 12, 2021!  More album details are below (warning on possible tracklist spoilers).

Pre-save the album: [Spotify]

The Shrink Next Door (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack) 
Joshua Moshier 

  1. Beekeeper
  2. 0 Main Title from The Shrink Next Door
  3. 0 Meet Marty
  4. 0 Use You
  5. Phyllis and Marty
  6. 06.Crossing Boundaries 
  7. 07.Perfect Night in New York
  8. This is Only the Beginning
  9. Marty Takes a Chance
  10. Eulogy
  11. Kickboard
  12. Meet the Neighbors
  13. Common Grief
  14. Wrecked Tile
  15. Cherry Blossom
  16. Last Boundary
  17. 17.Five Years Later
  18. Party Marty
  19. Changing Lanes
  20. Ditched
  21. Hospital Visit
  22. Up Your Meds
  23. 23.Escape
  24. 24.You’re My Guy
  25. Collateral Damage
  26. Party Over
  27. Cow Grave
  28. 28.One Step Ahead
  29. Pink Slip
  30. Old Message
  31. Best Man
  32. Touring the Grounds
  33. Erasing Ike
  34. Bonfire
  35. Beekeeper Reprise
  36. Family Meal
  37. Brother Sister
  38. Parting Words
  39. End Titles Suite from The Shrink Next Door

Moshier began his career as an improvising pianist, performing and recording with Marquis Hill and Mike Lebrun. He developed his craft in composing for the screen through early collaborations with filmmakers in Chicago, and later as a fellow at the Sundance Institute Film Music Lab.

What happens when the man tasked to help improve your life decides to take it over?

Find out on The Shrink Next Door, starring Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd. Stream the first three episodes on November 12 only on Apple TV+


Based on the true story of Marty and the therapist who turned his life around…then took it over. When he first meets Dr. Ike, Marty just wants to get better with personal boundaries. Over 30 years, he’ll learn all about them—and what happens when they get crossed.

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