‘The Stand’ Soundtrack Comes To Vinyl Via Death Waltz!

It’s the end of the world as we know it if you miss out on The Stand soundtrack on vinyl!  Featuring Nathaniel Walcott and Mike Mogis’ series score and the track, “Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?” this collectible record is limited to only 500 copies.  Oh, there will weeping and gnashing of teeth if you sleep on this.   Secure your copy this Wednesday (on sale 12 noon CT) at Mondo online.

Soundtrack Out Now: [Download/Listen]

The Stand (Original Series Soundtrack) 
Nathaniel Walcott And Mike Mogis 
Retail: $35
Limited to 500

Side A 

  1. Final Warning
  2. Garden Burial
  3. Drugs and a Shower
  4. Harold Out West/Finds a Wolf
  5. List of Five Names
  6. Larry Looks for Mom
  7. Stu and Larry Reach Boulder
  8. Sucking Gas
  9. See You Around, Stu
  10. Nick Wakes Up


Side B 

  1. Queen Nadine
  2. Stu Asks for Volunteers
  3. Trucker Standoff
  4. Rabbit Hole
  5. Guns Aren’t Toys
  6. Moon and Nick Meet Mother A
  7. FrannieWriting 


Side C 

  1. Mother A Scolds Nick/Vegas Vision
  2. Flagg Speaks of the Old Days
  3. Trashcan Man
  4. Speed Death Along
  5. Bobby Terry
  6. Nick Finds the Bomb/Bomb Blows
  7. Mother A Summons the Group
  8. Stu Swears to Try


Side D 

  1. Lloyd Introduces Flagg
  2. Hand of God, Pt. 1
  3. Hand of God, Pt. 2
  4. Hand of God, Pt. 3
  5. Stu and Fran Reunited
  6. Fran Stands
  7. Nebraska Talk
  8. Baby, Can You Dig Your Man?

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