7 Soundtracks To Listen To For Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

For this year’s Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we recognize composers from these communities who have released film and television scores over the years.  Are you a fan of Nathan Matthew David (Slice), Aska Matsumiya (37 Seconds, I’m Your Woman, Selah and The Spaces), Vivek Maddala (Asian Americans), Gingger Shankar (And She Could Be Next), Amritha Vaz (“Home“), or Wendy Wang (Man Up)?  If these soundtracks below have slipped your radar, we’ve provided links and music players for you.  Also, be sure to watch the associated films which span from drama to documentary to comedy.

And She Could Be Next – Gingger Shankar – [Download/Listen][Watch Here]

“The two-part documentary, which follows the campaigns of several female politicians of color and the communities that rally with them, shows what a systemic shift actually looks like.” – New York Times

Read our previous announcement here.



Asian Americans – Vivek Maddala – [Download/Listen][Watch Here]

Asian Americans - Vivek Maddala | Lakeshore Records

Explore the impact of Asian Americans, the fastest-growing population in the United States, on the country’s past, present and future, told through individual lives and personal histories.




Home – Amritha Vaz – [Download/Listen][Watch Here]

Home: Season 1 (Apple TV+ Original Series Soundtrack) | Lakeshore Records

Discover the groundbreaking ideas and inspiring stories behind the world’s most imaginative dwellings. In this globe-spanning docuseries, meet the visionaries who are challenging conventional concepts of “home” and rethinking how we live.




37 Seconds – Aska Matsumiya – [Download/Listen][Watch Here]

37 Seconds - Aska Matsumiya | Lakeshore Records

Trapped by society and familial obligations, a young manga artist goes on an unconventional journey for sexual freedom and personal liberation.




I’m Your Woman – Aska Matsumiya – [Download/Listen][Watch Here]

In this 1970s set crime drama, a woman is forced to go on the run after her husband betrays his partners, sending her and her baby on a dangerous journey.




Selah and The Spades – Aska Matsumiya – [Download/Listen][Watch Here]

Five factions run the underground life of Haldwell School, a prestigious east coast boarding school. At the head of the most powerful faction – The Spades – sits Selah Summers, walking the fine line between being feared and loved.




Man Up – Wendy Wang – [Download/Listen]

Martin, a 19-year-old post-high school bum is on a year-long extended summer vacation when his world gets flipped after learning that his Mormon girlfriend is pregnant. With the help of his offbeat best friend Randall, Martin must turn from his slacker ways and man up or risk losing everything.



Slice – Nathan Matthew David – [Download/Listen][Watch Here]

When a pizza delivery driver is murdered on the job, the city searches for someone to blame: Ghosts? Drug dealers? A disgraced werewolf?



As part of our acknowledgment of Asian Pacific American Heritage, we’re listing resources to support the community from advocacy to career development.  Feel free to share in the comments section below any worthy organizations you feel should be recognized!





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