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The One: Score By Ian Arber & Dave Rountree and Featuring Imogen Heap Arrives Digitally!

The One: Season 1 Soundtrack | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records has released The One—Music From the Netflix Series digitally with music by award-winning composer Ian Arber and film composer and Blur drummer Dave Rowntree. The score, which seamlessly blends natural, acoustic sounds with analog electronics, provides a richly multifaceted backdrop to the futuristic tale of DNA matchmaking. Singer-songwriter Imogen Heap also contributes haunting vocalizations. The first season of the Netflix series created by Howard Overman and starring Hannah Ware, Zoë Tapper, Dimitri Leonidas is streaming now.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Track List
01. My Match (feat. Imogen Heap)
02. The One
03. Missing Person
04. DNA Mutations
05. The First Match
06. Cause of Death
07. Press Statement
08. Nothing Loved is Ever Lost
09. You Were Matched
10. I Want Him Gone
11. Matchmaking
12. Your One True Love
13. All Her Doing
14. A Matter of Time
15. Red Flag
16. Where is Fabio?
17. A Match Made in Hell
18. This is Rebecca Webb
19. Love and Lies
20. Backstabbed (feat. Imogen Heap)
21. Someone Else (feat. Imogen Heap)
22. I Have a Secret

Ian Arber is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist. A classically trained cellist and pianist, Ian is known for combining live and electronic elements in his scores, using his cello to create rich, melodic phrases, and manipulating organic tones to create unique synthetic atmospheres.

Some of his recent work include co-scoring The Capture with Dave Rowntree, writing the prestigious theme for the “BBC Proms”, and scoring the award-winning documentaries Show Me The Picture: The Story of Jim Marshall and Hitsville: The Making of Motown.

Dave is best known as the drummer and co-writer in the band Blur, one of the most innovative British bands of all time. He’s headlined Glastonbury twice and Hyde Park four times and has even sent music on a spaceship to Mars!

His film composing journey began in 2016, when he was asked to score a friend’s short film Teeth and Pills, which resulted in a nomination for “Best Music” at the Independent Horror Movie Awards. Having played in a band for most of his working life, Dave is extremely collaborative, and enjoys brainstorming ideas and solving problems.


Based on a book by John Marrs, The One is set five minutes in the future, in a world where a DNA test can find your perfect partner – the one person you’re genetically predisposed to fall passionately in love with. No matter how good your relationship, which one of us can honestly say we haven’t thought about whether there is someone better out there? What if a hair sample is all it takes to find them? The idea is simple, but the implications are explosive. We will never think of love and relationships in the same way again.

Says Rowntree: “I found the idea of the gene technology behind The One very interesting, and my first thought was – could I use DNA itself to generate note sequences? And if so, what might they sound like? I did indeed find a way and was amazed to see that the sequences actually sounded very musical. We used them as the basis for a number of cues in the show – particularly where ‘DNA Matching’ is working its magic…”

Adds Arber: “It was a great challenge to score the multi-layered and highly complex characters within the world of ‘The One’. The DNA-Matching concept of the show might seem idyllic and something to aspire to, but in reality, is ridden with cracks and imperfections. It was a delicate task to portray this musically, while representing the intricacies of the characters, who often find themselves entangled in Machiavellian, desperate, joyful and emotional moments – at points all at once.”

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