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Unforgotten: Season 3 & 4 Score By EMMY Winner Michael Price Releases Digitally!

Unforgotten Season 3-4 Soundtrack

Lakeshore Records has released the soundtrack to Unforgotten Season 3 and 4, featuring score by EMMY-winning Composer Michael Price (“Sherlock”).  The 29-track album is available now digitally on all major music services worldwide.  Go behind the scenes with Michael Price on his Unforgotten recording sessions at the famed Abbey Road Studios, below.

Stream the two-time BAFTA-winning series Unforgotten Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video and Season 4 on Sky Go, ITV, Amazon, and Netflix in the UK.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Unforgotten: Seasons 3 & 4 (Original Series Soundtrack)
Michael Price

01. Theme from Unforgotten
02. A Motorway
03. The Salesman
04. Sorry to Trouble You
05. Suspicion
06. See Me That Way
07. Simply Unfair
08. Leaving the Pub
09. Evicted
10. My Mistake
11. Desperately Sad
12. Get Dressed
13. I Insist
14. The Hillside
15. Cold Storage
16. Cambridge by Bike
17. A Struggle
18. Utterly Brokenhearted
19. Storage of Possessions
20. Career Development
21. A Kid Like Any Other
22. The Forest
23. Cause of Death
24. I Am Who I Am
25. Sirens
26. Praying for Air
27. I Love You So Much
28. Call You
29. Always Unforgotten


Drawing on complex and current issues, the emotional drama questions everyday morality and analyses the very human stories behind crime as lead characters DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunil ‘Sunny’ Khan, played by BAFTA nominated actors Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar, unravel the truth behind historic murders.

The critically acclaimed drama is produced by independent production company Mainstreet Pictures (Gold Digger, Age Before Beauty) in partnership with Masterpiece, and devised and written by acclaimed screenwriter Chris Lang (Innocent, Dark Heart).

Says Price on the making of the score: “My music for ‘Unforgotten’ has always tried to create a sense of the common humanity of the characters, whatever it is that they may have done. Rather than staying too specific to a particular person or story-line, over the years we’ve attempted to create a recognizable musical world, driven by the intimacy of my piano, the warmth of the strings, recorded at Abbey Road Studios, and the lamentations of the soaring solo cello. As variation builds on variation, there is always ultimately a sense of hope and redemption, however many tears are shed along the way.”

Michael Price is an Emmy Award winning composer and pianist from Yorkshire, UK. His early career was spent under the wing of acclaimed composer Michael Kamen where he worked on films like X-Men, What Dreams May Come and The Iron Giant.

Following the conclusion of Band of Brothers with Kamen, Price was approached to music edit on Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and would continue to work across Peter Jackson’s trilogy.

Having music edited on a dozen major studio films, he began taking up composer roles in film and television, with international recognition for his Sherlock and Dracula scores in collaboration with David Arnold.

Price has built a name for himself as a composer able to create an emotionally arresting narrative voice through music, with his recent work for Eternal Beauty, Soulmates and Unforgotten receiving critical acclaim. Outside of film and television, he is signed to pioneering contemporary classical label Erased Tapes.


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