My Psychedelic Love Story: Score By Paul Leonard-Morgan Releases Digitally, Stream The Film on Showtime!

My Psychedelic Love Story

Lakeshore Records releases Paul Leonard-Morgan’s My Psychedelic Love Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)!  The 34-track album comes off the Showtime film which documents Timothy Leary through the eyes of Joanna Harcourt-Smith and the lens of Academy Award-winning Director Errol Moris.  Why did Timothy Leary, the High Priest of LSD, become a narc in 1974—abandoning the millions he urged to turn on, tune in, and drop out?

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Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Track List
01. Leary’s First Words
02. The Bishop of Free Love
03. A Painful Childhood
04. Convicted
05. Fugitive
06. Next Adventure
07. Destiny
08. Martino
09. Revolutionary Messages
10. Vacaville
11. Facing Your Accuser
12. Psychedelic Medicine
13. The Most Dangerous Man
14. Drink Me
15. Who Was Lying?
16. Traveling in Disguise
17. Protected
18. Diversion
19. The Right to Speak
20. Stabbed in The Heart
21. Hello Dan
22. Acid Coated Stamps
23. Pregnant
24. Clear Light
25. A Political Prisoner
26. Ready to Cooperate
27. Entrapment
28. Shoot Everyone
29. So Annoying
30. Freedom
31. My Mother
32. My Twisted Love Story
33. Sailing to Tripsville
34. Reflections (Credits)




Why did Timothy Leary, the High Priest of LSD, become a narc in 1974—abandoning the millions he urged to turn on, tune in, and drop out? Was his “perfect love” Joanna Harcourt-Smith a government pawn?  Or was she simply a rich, beautiful, young woman out for the adventure of a lifetime? Looking back, Joanna doesn’t know. In My Psychedelic Love Story, Errol Morris and Joanna Harcourt-Smith reexamine this chaotic period of her life and explore the dark side of the Timothy Leary saga: his period of exile, reimprisonment, and subsequent cooperation with the authorities.

Paul Leonard-Morgan’s unique cinematic style of fusing orchestra with electronica has put him in high demand as a film composer, a producer and arranger for bands, and has led him to win a BAFTA award, and receive Emmy & Ivor Novello nominations.

Prior to working in film, Leonard-Morgan produced and arranged for acts including Belle and Sebastian, Snow Patrol, Mogwai, and No Doubt. However, it was his groundbreaking score for Relativity’s Limitless, a paranoia-fueled action thriller starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, that solidified him as a major player in the film music industry and was later nominated for the prestigious World Soundtrack “Discovery of the Year” Award in Ghent. His first Emmy nomination came in 2016 for the CBS TV spinoff of Limitless, helmed by Marc Webb (Spiderman, 500 Days of Summer).

Dredd, which topped the U.K. box office in its first week of its 2012 release, is widely recognized as launching a new generation of hybrid scores, causing Variety to note the impact of “the throbbing sounds of Paul Leonard-Morgan’s bass heavy score”.

In 2015, he completed a commission from the National Theatre to score new adaptations of James I (which premiered at the Edinburgh International Festival, before taking residence for a sold-out run at the Olivier Theater in London) and James II (composed alongside the music of Scottish electro duo Boards of Canada).

Watch MY PSYCHEDELIC LOVE STORY now on Showtime.

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