I Care A Lot: Marc Canham’s Electronic Score To Golden Globe Nominated Wicked Comedy Releases Digitally, Stream It Now!

I Care A Lot - Marc Canham | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records has released I Care A Lot—Music From The Netflix Film featuring an electronic score by Marc Canham, is available now digitally!  Directed by , J Blakeson, I Care A Lot is now a  New York Times Critic’s Pick film. 

Wildly entertaining – Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

I Care A Lot, written and directed by J Blakeson and starring recent Golden Globe nominee Rosamund Pike, Peter Dinklage, and Dianne Wiest streams on Netflix February 19.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Digital]

Track List
01. Just Doing My Job
02. Liquidated
03. Pull The Trigger
04. Welcome Home
05. Get Some Air
06. He’s Alone
07. These Rare Days
08. See What Happens
09. Not In The Book
10. I Need Something
11. Give Her An Upper
12. 116
13. She’s Dead
14. GO
15. I Don’t Lose, I Won’t Lose (IG TRACK)
16. Are You OK
17. Ruthless And Focussed
18. So Sorry
19. He’s On The Move
20. Sleep Tight
21. Ding Dong
22. Dream

Pike plays Marla Grayson, a court-appointed legal guardian for dozens of elderly wards whose assets she seizes and cunningly bilks through dubious but legal means. It’s a well-oiled racket that Marla and her business-partner and lover Fran (Eiza González) use with brutal efficiency on their latest “cherry,” Jennifer Peterson (two-time Academy Award winner Dianne Wiest) — a wealthy retiree with no living heirs or family. But when their mark turns out to have an equally shady secret of her own and connections to a volatile gangster (Golden Globe winner Peter Dinklage), Marla is forced to level up in a game only predators can play — one that’s neither fair, nor square.

Says Canham: “The score’s initial playful shiny swagger mirrors the American Dream, juxtaposing the reality of horrible people doing horrible things on screen. As the story develops the veneer of the American Dream begins to crack, allowing the less predictable and uncomfortable sounds to emerge, underlining the wicked reality of the situation, forming a darkly humorous yet brutal satirical take on this broken concept.

After the shoot I retreated to my studio through lockdown with an array of instruments and noise making machinery to complete the score that carefully morphs in tone through the film – with its off-kilter arpeggio-laden sardonic playfulness, into an atmospheric darker textural assault.”


Using a multitude of tools, both of an instrumental nature & others not so conventional, Marc Canham’s otherworldly film scores, compositions & various collaborations paint an ever so affective and vivid imagery, inviting listeners into a sublime aural journey.

With a sound palette that traverses vast sonic terrains, Canham’s bespoke aural alchemy is the result of seamlessly blending the acoustic & electronic realms, experimenting with unorthodox audio oddities and discovering the curious nuances and unpredictability of sound. Exploring innumerable sonic colours, textures and forms, these passages range from solitary moments of reflective quietude to grand walls of immense and mesmeric sound.

Canham’s approach has resulted in a body of work that has received great acclaim and recognition within the worlds of film, art and interactive soundtracks; including the recently completed film score to ‘I Care A Lot,’ the Netflix Original feature film ‘Close, ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’ and ‘Burn Burn Burn,’ in addition to the internationally acclaimed ‘The Danger Tree’ augmented reality art installation.

Ethereal ambience, dark mysticism & futuristic elements all effortlessly fuse in Canham’s creations, consistently crafting a micro-cosmos for the audience to immerse themselves within.



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