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The Outpost Season 2 & Season 3 Series Score By James Schafer Debuts!

The Outpost Season 2 and Season 3 - James Schafer | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records has released the soundtrack to The Outpost Season 2 & Season 3, featuring highlights from The CW series score by James Schafer (The Letter Writer, Survivor),  The album is available now on all major digital music services!  See the tracklist and listening links below.

Are you caught up on all seasons?  Watch all episodes of The Outpost Season 3 now on The CW online.  Watch The Outpost Season 1-2 on IMDb TV free.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen

The Outpost: Season 2 & Season 3 (Original Series Soundtrack)
James Schafer

01. Garret Finds Dred (Album Version)
02. They’re All Dead
03. Wythers Leaves to Find Garret
04. The Aegistford Army
05. Tobin’s Proposition (Album Version)
06. Eleanor’s Colipsum Lab
07. The Capitol and the Three
08. Sana, the Healer
09. Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears
10. The Queen is Taken Hostage
11. Wythers in the Capitol
12. Gwynn and Tobin Ride
13. Janzo Frees Naya
14. Royal Wedding / Garret Returns
15. Talon and Tobin Rescue Gwynn
16. Bond Between Blackbloods
17. These Were the Humans Who Took Me In
18. Garret Tries to Kill Gwynn
19. Janzo Follows Brogan
20. Confronting the Tormentor
21. Naya Leaves the Outpost
22. Battle Against the Prime Order (Album Version)
23. Janzo’s Plan / Eleanor’s Map
24. The Prophecy Fulfilled
25. Humans Mining
26. Wren’s Theme
27. We’ve Come to Break You Out
28. The High Priestess, Yavalla
29. Talon and Garret
30. Garret Fights the Blackbloods
31. Traditional Blackblood Execution
32. I Watched You Die, Garret
33. Viewed on Different Sides
34. Going to Aegistford / Vikka Attack
35. The Lost Blackblood City / The White Kinj
36. It’s Because I’m In Love (Wren and Janzo’s Theme)
37. Under Yavalla’s Control
38. People Are Starving
39. Talon Fights Jaaris / This Will Always Be Our Outpost
40. The Ancient Blackblood Temple
41. You Are the Only One
42. Garret and Tobin Brawl
43. I’ll Come Back for You, Munt
44. I Release You From Our Marriage Vows
45. Going to the Plain of Ashes
46. Infecting the Outpost
47. Munt Returns to the Outpost
48. They’re All Infected / The Outpost Attacked
49. Tobin Stays With Falista
50. Rescuing Falista
51. Use Your Powers to Protect the Queen
52. I Am Talon
53. I’ll Miss You, Dear Wren (Corven’s Theme)
54. She Can Control It
55. Look at My Existence
56. For the Good of the Realm


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