Ronit Kirchman’s Award Winning Welcome To The Blumhouse: Evil Eye Score Debuts Digitally!

Welcome To The Blumhouse: Evil Eye - Ronit Kirchman

Lakeshore Records has released the Amazon Original Soundtrack for the Amazon Studios and Blumhouse Television horror-thriller Evil Eye, from directors Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani. The album is comprised of an original score by Ronit Kirchman (The Sinner”, “Limetown”), which recently won a 2020 Hollywood Music in Media Award for “Outstanding Score for a TV Movie.”  Kirchman’s music creates a unique contemporary international language with great sonic impact, combining cutting-edge thriller and horror artistry with traditional Indian instruments and textures.

Evil Eye is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and the soundtrack is now available on all major streaming platforms.  See the album tracklist, download and listening links below.

One listen and you’ll be swept away in the hauntingly ethereal track that is “Protection,” from the Amazon Studios and Blumhouse Television thriller Evil Eye. – Cinemacy

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Welcome To The Blumhouse: Evil Eye (Amazon Original Soundtrack)
Ronit Kirchman

01. Protection
02. New Day
03. Scar
04. Karma
05. Engaged
06. You Are Safe
07. Sapphire Returns
08.  Pursuit
09. She Never Recovered
10. Independence
11. Horoscopes
12. You’ve Changed
13. Surprise Visit
14. Superficial Similarities
15. Her Own Good
16. Blessing
17. Drop To The Floor
18. Amma
19. Subconscious
20. Mother Daughter
21. Third Generation


In Evil Eye, a superstitious mother is convinced that her daughter’s new boyfriend is the reincarnation of a man who tried to kill her 30 years ago. The mood and focus is that of a drama, which evolves into a psychological horror. Ronit’s score reflects this journey, featuring elements of lightness, emotional connection, beauty, and love, as well as a robust, menacing dark side and intensity. The sonic palette includes signature elements like flutes, harps, vocals, and a full complement of Hindustani percussion, as well as guitars, orchestra, electronics, and deep sound design.

“It was truly a joy to compose the music for Evil Eye, and to collaborate with the talented directors Elan Dassani and Rajeev Dassani. The music communicates a very dynamic emotional range, and a very specific genre space, in the context of a multi-national, multi-generational story. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to write emotional, melodic themes that trace family relationships and unfold in unexpected ways. I feel that foundation of emotional connection with the characters is really essential to engaging us when the conflict and horror go full-throttle in the last act. The final scenes presented an exciting musical opportunity to amp up the intensity and provide maximum dramatic impact, transforming the vocabulary into something disturbingly resonant, yet newly threatening,” says Ronit Kirchman.

Ronit Kirchman is a composer expanding the frontiers of film and television music. Recognized in the press as “an extremely original voice” with “a virtuoso touch”, and “a truly unique force in the entertainment industry”, Ronit is probably best known for her innovative, genre-bending score for The Sinner — the acclaimed Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated anthology series executive produced by Jessica Biel, which enters its fourth season in 2021. Ronit’s score for The Sinner was recently named one of IndieWire’s Best TV Scores of 2020. Other recent projects include the feature film Evil Eye (Amazon Studios / Blumhouse), for which Ronit received a Hollywood Music in Media Award; the episodic series Limetown (based on the hit podcast of the same name) on Peacock; and a wide-ranging trail of films and documentaries. Her soundtrack albums are available from Lakeshore Records and Wild River Records.

The recipient of multiple awards from the Sundance Institute and BMI, Ronit is also a prolific songwriter, music producer, conductor, violinist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer, and continues to compose original scores for the theater, dance, multimedia installations, and the concert stage. She has performed and recorded internationally in many contexts, including free improvisation, classical, live electronica, rock, pop, jazz, world, blues, and country. She is also a poet, author, and visual artist.

Stream Welcome To The Blumhouse: Evil Eye, now on Prime Video.


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