Welcome To The Blumhouse: Nocturne - Gazelle Twin

Gazelle Twin’s ‘Nocturne’ Score From Welcome To The Blumhouse Series Debuts Digitally!

Nocturne - Gazelle Twins | Invada Records, Lakeshore Records

Nocturne is made all the more unsettling by the pulsating, disquieting score by UK electronic artist Gazelle Twin which rattles against the classical compositions the students perform. – Brooklyn Vegan

Invada Records and Lakeshore Records have released Welcome to the Blumhouse: Nocturne—Amazon Original Soundtrack featuring music by Gazelle Twin (AKA Elizabeth Bernholz).  The eerie electronic score with haunting vocalizations simmers menacingly throughout and adds another striking dimension to the supernatural horror thriller. Lakeshore Records has released the album in the Americas and Invada Records released the album in the rest of the world digitally.  The film written and directed by Zu Quirke and starring Sydney Sweeney, Madison Iseman, Jacques Colimon, and Ivan Shaw is currently streaming on Prime Video.  View the album buy link, tracklist and music players below.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Americas][UK/ROW]

Track List
01. Moira’s Sacrifice
02. Juliet’s Rage
03. The Book
04. Invocation
05. Belly of the beast
06. Assurance
07. Golden Light
08. Purification
09. Triumph
10. Consummation
11. Unflesh
12. Blood Sport
13. Vivian’s Fall
14. Juliet’s Sacrifice



When a virtuoso music student commits suicide days before an important concert, her death unleashes a supernatural force in Nocturne, an unsettling tale of sibling rivalry set at a prestigious arts academy. Having grown up in the shadow of her more talented twin sister, shy piano student Juliet Lowe (Sydney Sweeney) is used to always being second-best when it comes to music. But when she finds a mysterious notebook that belonged to the school’s recently deceased star soloist, her playing miraculously begins to improve and she soon eclipses her sister Vivian (Madison Iseman) as the academy’s top student. Along with her newfound abilities, however, comes a series of frightening premonitions. As Juliet’s visions grow more nightmarish, she discovers the true cost of achieving artistic perfection.

Says Bernholz of the two featured tracks, “Juliet’s Rage” and “Blood Sport”:

Juliet’s Rage “The director, Zu Quirke wanted there to be a strong appearance of feminine rage featuring heavily in the score, building around the classical pieces. She wanted to use some of my existing tracks ‘Unflesh’ and ‘Belly of the Beast’ in a couple of scenes, so I took leave from the vocal style of ‘Unflesh’, which has a lot of strong chest singing inspired by Bulgarian Folksong. It became a motif that the music editor, Shie Rozow, weaved throughout the film for those especially fierce moments. Then there’s the ‘dread drones’ that haunt the whole score, getting more and more intense.”

Blood Sport: “I loved the line ‘Music is a blood sport’ in the film. Director, Zu Quirke studied violin at a conservatoire, so had first-hand experience of this. She wanted that sense of malignant determination to run through the score, so this is what I came up with. There is always the presence of an evil, dissonant force running through each piece, sort of like the sound of a burning, screaming migraine. Right up my alley.”

Meanwhile, Gazelle Twin has written the track ‘History’ for the video game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (out now) and she’s announced her Deep England album collaboration with the electronic drone choir NYX, due out on 19 March next year.


Composer, musician and producer Elizabeth Bernholz, conceived Gazelle Twin in 2009 as the moniker under which she has since released the critically acclaimed albums; Pastoral (2018), Kingdom Come (2017), Unflesh (2014) and her debut, The Entire City (2011) on her own label, Anti-Ghost Moon Ray.
Her music presents dystopian themes through experimental electronic production and extraordinary live performances which feature changing personas. Unflesh was based around deeply personal themes of teenage anxiety and body dysmorphia, while Kingdom Come, an audio-visual performance piece commissioned in 2016, depicted an imagined English fascist hell-scape inspired by JG Ballard’s final novel. Gazelle Twin’s third studio album, Pastoral, conjured English folkloric traditions with a football mascot twist, made in response to a move to post-Brexit rural England.
In 2019 Gazelle Twin collaborated with Max de Wardener to create a new performance with the BBC Orchestra at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall and later that year Gazelle Twin returned to the same London venue to present Deep England, an ensemble performance made in collaboration with the electronic drone choir, NYX. A Deep England studio album is set to be released in March 2021.


Welcome To The Blumhouse: Nocturne, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video (watch now).

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