Embattled: Score By Michael Brook Available Now Digitally Worldwide! Watch The Stephen Dorff MMA Drama Now On Digital

Embattled Soundtrack - Michael Brook | Lakeshore Records

Michael Brook’s score to IFC’s MMA drama, Embattled, is available to download and stream now on all major digital music services worldwide!  Brook, a Golden Globe® and GRAMMY®-nominated composer, is known for his scores to Academy Award®-nominated films Brooklyn and Into The Wild, among many others.  See the album tracklist and purchase links below.    

The IFC Films release directed by Nick Sarkisov is available now On Digital.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Track List

01. Meet Cash
02. Coming Home
03. Sparring With Cash
04. We Need Money
05. Puppet Show
06. Beat Up
07. Drinking and Driving 101
08. Abuse At Home
09. Viral Video
10. Welcome To Holland
11. Fight My Own Son
12. I’m Done
13. Leaving For Training
14. Fight Announcement
15. I’m Sorry Baby
16. The Phone Call
17. The Fight
18. Remember How That Feels, Sport?
19. Saved By The Bell



Michael Brook is a Golden Globe and Grammy-nominated composer, producer, and recording artist recognized for his unique style of composition that traverses ambient, world, Americana, electronic and orchestral territories. His work often contains unusual combinations of instruments, sounds, and moods that create a powerful emotional impact.

His music career began as a recording artist, guitar player, producer, and collaborator, working with artists such as Brian Eno, David Sylvian, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, The Pogues, and Jane Siberry on groundbreaking labels such as 4AD and Peter Gabriel’s Real World Records. As his music began to be licensed in films such as “Heat” and “Any Given Sunday”, he developed an interest in composing for film and moved to Los Angeles in 1999.

He also invented the “Infinite Guitar” as used on much of his own work and U2’s song “With or Without You”.

Among the notable films that he has scored are several Oscar-winners and nominees including “Brooklyn”, “The Fighter”, “Into The Wild”, “An Inconvenient Truth”, “Stronger” and “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”.


Raised by an abusive father, Cash (Stephen Dorff) channels his aggression to become a World Champion MMA fighter. Now accustomed to wealth, adulation and global popularity, he faces a new challenge when his second son is born with Williams Syndrome. But this time, rather than stand and fight, he runs. While Cash continues to make his fortune in the ring, his eldest son Jett (Darren Mann) becomes the caregiver to his younger brother Quinn (Colin McKenna). When Jett decides to follow his father’s fighting footsteps and take to the fight game, he faces his past head on, embarking on a course inevitably pitting father versus son in a battle which, no matter the outcome, neither can win.


IFC Films presents EMBATTLED, available now On Digital! Rent it on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV.


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