New Soundtrack: ‘A Christmas Gift From Bob’: Score By Patrick Neil Doyle and Songs By K.T. Wild

A Christmas Gift From Bob Soundtrack | Lakeshore Records

Lakeshore Records has released A Christmas Gift from Bob—Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring music by Patrick Neil Doyle with songs by K.T. Wild.  Doyle’s sweetly orchestrated score and Wild’s affecting and wistful songs provide an uplifting backdrop to the film, a sequel to the hit “A Street Cat Named Bob.”

Also included on the album is the original song “Angels Rush” by The Wild And Stray, AKA James Bowen and Henry Facey.  Bowen is the person on which the books and films are based.  See the album purchase link and more below.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]


Track List

01. A Gift from Bob
02. Friends for Life
03. Something to Give – K.T. Wild
04. An Evening Stroll
05. Invisible Christmas – K.T. Wild
06. We Need Help
07. Purpose and Meaning
08. All Gone Wrong
09. A Good Day
10. On The 8th Day (I’ll Be A Better Man) – K.T. Wild
11. One Last Outing
12. Friends and Foes
13. Well Wishes
14. Coming Back to Me (Coming Home) – K.T. Wild
15. A Christmas Present
16. All the Family
17. Angel’s Rush – The Wild And Stray
18. Something to Give (Acoustic) – K.T. Wild
19. Invisible Christmas (Acoustic) – K.T. Wild
20. On The 8th Day (I’ll Be A Better Man) [Acoustic] – K.T. Wild
21. Coming Back to Me (Coming Home) [Acoustic] – K.T. Wild]

A Christmas Gift From Bob is available to license via Music.Film.


Based on the international best-selling books and the ‘purrfect’ Christmas sequel to the international hit film A Street Cat Named Bob – follow James and his best friend, Bob on their new journey together.

From the day James Bowen rescued a street cat abandoned in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation, they began a friendship that has transformed both their lives and touched millions around the world.

In A Christmas Gift from Bob, James looks back at the last Christmas he and Bob spent scraping a living on the streets and how Bob helped him through one of his toughest times – providing strength, friendship, and inspiration. Ultimately teaching each other about the true meaning of the Christmas spirit along the way.

Patrick Neil Doyle is a film and television composer, who created the score for ‘Nae Pasaran’; the Creative Scotland documentary and winner of Best Feature Film at the BAFTA Scotland Awards 2018. Other feature film credits include the forthcoming Studio Pictures’ film ‘A Christmas Gift from Bob’, ‘The Legend of Longwood’ and ‘Kepler’s Dream’. For television, Patrick Neil composed the music for King Bert Productions’ drama series ‘The Moonstone’ for BBC One.
Short film credits include ‘Angels of Our Past’, nominated for Best UK Short at the East End Film Festival, and ‘A Pornographer Woos’, appearing at the London Short Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival and Belfast Film Festival.
Patrick Neil was the musical director for Kenneth Branagh’s 2015-16 season of plays at the Garrick Theatre, and previous composition for theatre includes William Boyd’s sell-out run of ‘Longing’ at the Hampstead Theatre, ‘United Queendom’ performed inside Kensington Palace with acclaimed immersive theatre company Les Enfants Terribles, and multiple productions with the Prague Shakespeare Company.
Patrick Neil composed the music for the audiobook ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’, produced by Pottermore in 2018.

27-year old acoustic singer/songwriter K.T Wild hails from Lincolnshire in northeast England via Leeds & Bristol. When told to learn pieces of music at school, instead 12-year old K.T. wanted to write his own music but when no one would sing his songs, he discovered his voice and started singing himself.

Finding your voice and the strength to say how you feel is at the heart of every K.T. Wild song and – like the music he writes – will strike a chord.

K.T. wrote four songs for the A Christmas Gift From Bob over a long weekend in October 2019. Three songs inspired by the script: ’Something To Give’; ’Coming Back To Me (Coming Home)’; ’On The 8th Day (I’ll Be A Better Man)’ feature in the film performed by lead actor Luke Treadaway as James Bowen, while a fourth ’Invisible Christmas’ – sung by K.T. himself – is the film’s end credit song.
All four songs and their acoustic versions – performed by K.T. Wild – are produced by Matt Lawrence – Grammy Award recipient for his engineering work on Mumford & Son’s 2013 Album of the Year “Babel.”

Many K.T. Wild songs tell stories of emerging out of a dark place into sunshine and hope. Relatable for everyone around the globe in a year like this. ‘A Christmas Gift From Bob’ and its soundtrack album is K.T.’s debut music release.


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