Liam Neeson Is The ‘Honest Thief’ – In Theaters Now, Score By Mark Isham!

Honest Thief by Mark Isham | Music.Film & Varese Sarabande

Composer Mark Isham has stayed busy this year; he saw four of his scores land within 6 months: Amazing Stories (April) Little Fires Everywhere (April),  Bill & Ted: Face The Music (August), and now Honest Thief!  We already know this is a Liam Neeson action film, so if you’re looking for a lively score, then look no further.  Music.Film and Varese Sarabande have released the soundtrack digitally on all major music services.  See the purchase link and more below,

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Honest Thief (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Mark Isham

01. Main Titles
02. A Decent Offer
03. Only Way I Know
04. Personal Retirement Fund
05. Countdown
06. Kind Of Dangerous
07. The Bandit’s Coming For You
08. 9mm
09. On The Hunt
10. Paint, Cookies, Water Leaks
11. Dad’s Story
12. Prove It
13. Memory Card Mayhem
14. Twelve Banks
15. You Killed My Partner
16. She’s OK
17. He’s Gonna Kill Her
18. The Truth Kills
19. The Truth Sets You Free
20. The Bomb Squad
21. The Precise Man  



Open Road presents HONEST THIEF, now playing in select theaters (get tickets). 


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