The Rise of The Synths: Score By OGRE Sound Debuts Digitally Worldwide

The Rise of the Synths - OGRE Sound | Lakeshore Records

“[‘The Rise of the Synths Redux’] has the air of an ode to the work of the film’s narrator, but it also has Ogden’s Berlin School-esque finger prints all over it. This is by design. – Vehlinggo

“The suspense-laden cinematic moodiness of the Carpenter-esque and giallo-colored new cut [‘Rebel Instinct’]” – Destroy//Exist

Lakeshore Records has released The Rise of the Synths (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), available now digitally worldwide!  The album features the documentary’s score by OGRE Sound (Robin Ogden).  If this album sounds familiar, Lakeshore previously released the Official Companion Album, which featured tracks by some of the synthwave and retrowave scene’s most recognizable names.  See below for the score’s listening links and more.

Directed by Ivan Castell, the documentary is a “fascinating, witty trip through time” (Slash Film); and by the way, it’s narrated by John Carpenter, who is the inspiration behind the music of so many bands featured in the film and beyond.

The DVD/Blu-ray is on sale now at The Rise of the Synths online.

Soundtrack Available Now: [Download/Listen]

Track List
01. Creation Myths (Opening Titles)
02. Synth Rider: Night Drive
03. Rebel Beauty
04. Analog Wasn’t Cool
05. Rebel Instinct
06. Mothership
07. A Strange Kid
08. Rewinding The Future
09. The Rise Of The Synths
10. Synths Weren’t Cool
11. Saudade
12. Cheap & Fast
13. Can I Take a Ride With You?
14. The Rise Of The Synths Redux



The Rise of the Synths is a 2019 documentary film written and directed by Iván Castell and narrated by filmmaker and composer John Carpenter. The film explores the origins and growth of the electronic music genre known as synthwave, charting its rise in popularity from the underground online music scene to its recent mainstream exposure following use in retro-themed soundtracks, notably the 2011 film Drive and more recently the television series Stranger Things.

The film contains various interviews with both established and upcoming synthwave artists, exploring their sources of inspiration which range from early electronic pioneers such as Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis and Tangerine Dream to a collective love of 1980’s films and video games.

Robin Ogden (OGRE / OGRE Sound) is a composer for games and visual media, self-confessed tape loop splicer, spring reverb tickler, and harbinger of imagined soundtracks for films that don’t exist.

His work is grounded in a lifelong love affair with sound, whether produced from wonky analog synthesizers of yester-decades, contact microphones or strange and wonderful handmade instruments.

His music can be found in the award-winning indie games Actual Sunlight, This Is The Police I & II, and Hacknet: Labyrinths, HBO’s Vice Principals, Fangoria’s Hollydoom, Josan Gonzalez’ The Future Is Now series, and he was an audio consultant for the BBC’s first VR experience, Easter Rising: Voice Of A Rebel.

Robin was named Electronic Sound Magazine’s One To Watch 2019 for his work with Dallas Campbell on the conceptual narrative album All Hallows’ II.

Notes Ogden: “Ivan really wanted the score to support the film’s narrative elements, and to tap into the emotional connection we feel with the past. I largely let the Id of the synthesizer, each instrument’s personality, tell The Rise Of The Synths’ story. Synths really informed every musical choice and helped chart the thematic development over the course of the movie, decade by decade. Whether modern, vintage, analog or digital, each instrument has its own unique voice echoing across yester-decades, or even into the future. I think this situates it as real music of the present, music for now, and to me that is what Synthwave is all about.”


Order the DVD/Blu-ray now at The Rise of the Synths online.



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