Lakeshore Records Halloween Trick Or Treat At Home Playlist Week 2!

The Halloween Trick or Treat at Home playlist is back this week with new adds to the Spotify playlist!  Curated by only vinyl guru Tony Giles (also of The Record Room), this week’s new tracks come from a mix of iconic horror franchises, beloved television series and cult favorites.  See the track list below!

Be sure to tap “Filters” at the top of your app (in iOS) and select “Recently Added” to hear the latest tracks. 

This week, check out:

  1. Gothic Revival – Randy Miller (Hellraiser III)
  2.  Bucket Room – Charlie Clouser (Jigsaw)
  3. Opening Credits – Ogre, Dallas Campbell (Night of the Living Dead)
  4. Is It Real? – Steve Moore – (VFW)
  5. Postop – Will Bates (Depraved)
  6. Hell – Cemetery Gates (Haxan)
  7. Flamed – Timothy Williams (We Summon The Darkness)
  8. Origin – Ben Frost (“Dark: Cycle 3″)
  9. The House in the Woods – Adam Wingard (Blair Witch)
  10. Cross – Trevor Gureckis (“Servant”)
  11. Tony! – Brooke Blair, Will Blair (I Don’t Feel At Home in this World Anymore)
  12. Woods – tomandandy (The Monster)
  13. Malevolent Presence – Ben Lovett (The Ritual)
  14. Meeting Brahms – Bear McCreary (The Boy)
  15. The Other Side – Joseph Bishara (The Other Side of the Door)
  16. The Gift – Christopher Young (The Gift)
  17. Mother Would Like to Talk To You – Chris Bacon (“Bates Motel”)
  18. Angela’s Statement – Roque Banos (Regression)
  19. Windmill – Alex Cuervo (The Pale Door)
  20. Concerto to Hell – Christopher Young (Drag Me to Hell)
  21. The Governor – Bear McCreary (The Walking Dead)
  22. These Walls – Tyler Bates (The Belko Experiment)
  23. Home Run Pizza – Wolfmen of Mars (Satanic Panic)
  24. Not My Booby – Andrew Lockingtonn (“Daybreak”)
  25. The Attack – David Martijn (“War of the Worlds”)


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